Illinois State Women’s Record

Illinois State Women’s Record

On the weekend of August 18-20, 2017, fifty-one women will attempt to achieve the Illinois State Women ‘s Skydiving Record at Skydive Chicago.  in 2013 and 2015, JaNette Lefkowitz of Skydive Chicago’s Rhythm XP skydiving team, successfully organized and achieved the Illinois State Women’s Skydiving Records but JaNette felt there was opportunity and skilled women who would be interest to aim for an even larger record.

This weekends Illinois State Women’s Skydiving Record event will include three-plane jump attempt, a weekend of forging new friendships and countless learning opportunities from the best women in the sport of skydiving.  Women will arrive Thursday evening from all parts of the country.  The weekend will then kick off with dive planning from JaNette Lefkowitz.  Jumping will begin on Friday and continue through the weekend.

The goal for the weekend is to achieve a one-point, fifty-one way record.  This means that fifty-one women will dive out of two planes flying at 18,000 feet, thus requiring oxygen on the ride to altitude, and build a formation that will include linking everyone by hand or leg grips in a specific pattern.

In a sport made up of only 13% women, this is an opportunity for women to set themselves apart from the community and drive home the importance of women in skydiving.  There will also be lectures and speakers from the Women in Skydiving Leadership Network that will focus on empowering women to be leaders in the skydiving community.

Won’t you please join us this weekend as we attempt to complete a record setting set of skydives that will set our state apart in the industry of skydiving as fifty-one skill and competitive women will break records and forge new new steps in equality for women skydivers.

Give The Gift of Human Flight

Give The Gift of Human Flight

Do you remember how it felt when you overcame your fear and how awesome of an experience it was?  Would you like to give that experience to someone else and share the memories with them?

Now you can…

This July, Skydive Chicago and The Freefall Foundation to give away a FREE tandem skydive and FREE video package to two different individuals who want to skydive but simply can’t afford the cost of skydiving.

Simply click on this link and visit The Freefall Foundation’s website.  Tell us why your friend or family member should go on a free tandem skydive.  Tell us who would benefit from the dream and exhilaration of skydiving.  While we would like everyone to be able to skydive for free, this free skydive and video package is focused on those who do not have the funds necessary to pay for the experience.

Nominate your friend or family member today to share the experience of human flight and change a life by opening it up to the possibilities that can shape their future.  Click here to get started now!

The Freefall Foundation was created to provide people who have wanted to skydive or want to overcome obstacles in their life but simply do not have the means to actually go skydive.  They had a a simple dream to share the sky with those who can’t afford it. They did this because skydiving allowed them to realize the amazing potential of the the sport that enriched their lives and turned the edges of life, that were once feared, into the wonderful balconies of life that they enjoy every day in the sky.

Skydive Chicago is partnering with The Freefall Foundation in 2017 to help deliver the dream of skydiving to those in the Greater Chicagoland Area and surrounding communities for those who want to skydive but cannot muster the means to chase their dreams.  Just like The Freefall Foundation, Skydive Chicago believes everyone should feel the experience of skydiving.  In fact, that is Skydive Chicago’s goal for all who walk through their doors and into their skies.  The family and staff at Skydive Chicago live, work, and play in the world of skydiving because they believe in the freedom, family, and experiences that motivate them to push their boundaries to grow as skydivers and people as they return year after year to continue to give that gift to all who want to be a part of the experience.

Skydive Chicago’s Week in Rewind 6.19.17

What an awesome week at Skydive Chicago!

We had so many awesome dives that it was hard to put them all into just four minutes!  Thanks to everyone who came out this week and shared in all the fun.  We had wingsuits, free fly fun, vertical 16-ways, relative work 4, 8 and 16-ways and a bunch of other silliness and awesomeness. Take a moment and watch all the fun right here and we will see you soon!

Skydive Chicago’s Week In Rewind 6.2.17

What a fantastic week at Skydive Chicago!  We had amazing weather, great jumps, and MWSL Meet and a Starved Rock Resource Center Car Show For Kids and Fly In.  Thanks to everyone who came out to share in all our family and fun! See you all soon!

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