SDC Times May 2016 Edition

SDC Unlimited Membership

Have you purchased your SDC Unlimited Membership yet?
Only 15 memberships are available for purchase each month. August is already SOLD OUT, and July is filling up fast as well.
The only remaining membership spots available are for May, June, July, and October.
Contact us to purchase your membership(s) before they’re all gone. Just complete the membership contract and return to the office with your payment to secure your spot.

Flight-1 Canopy Courses

Skydive Chicago has two sets of Flight-1 canopy courses scheduled for this season so far. Our first set of courses are coming up quick. The beginner level 101 and 102 courses are scheduled for this upcoming weekend, May 6th-8th, there is still time to sign up! We are also holding the 201 and 202 courses this July, these are advanced level courses which feature an introduction to high performance landings.

May – 101 & 102 Courses

Whether this is your first canopy course or if it’s been a while since you gave some love to the nylon above your head, refresh your knowledge and get reacquainted with your canopy. You will learn the fundamental skills needed to pilot your canopy safely, and practice drills that you will utilize throughout your skydiving life.
AND…that’s not all!
Flight 101 & 102 courses will satisfy the requirements for USPA’s Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card for your B license and go way above and beyond them.
Flight 101 – Friday 6 May
Flight 101 – Saturday 7 May
Flight 102 – Sunday 8 May
Course Insturctor: Shannon Pilcher
Cost: $170 per course, plus 5 hop and pop jumps @ $20 each (A $75 non-refundable deposit is required to register
Registration:  Visit one of the links below to register online AND call the office at 815-433-0000 to complete registration with your $75 deposit.

July – 201 & 202 Courses

Flight 201 is a course focused on “Developing Speed” and introduces the fundamental principles of high performance landings and speed building approaches using pitch. The course also includes essential slow approach skills and rear riser emergency landings. 
Basically, if you want to learn how to swoop, this course is for you!
Flight 202 offers you a structured framework to building your high performance approach. It provides deeper information on building airspeed on approaches using rotation, and offers the chance to learn rules and altitudes associated with more challenging approaches. It also offers flight planning and future training considerations.
Flight 201 – Thursday 21 July
Flight 202 – Friday 22 July
Course Insturctor: Shannon Pilcher
Cost: $170 per course, plus 5 hop and pop jumps @ $20 each (A $75 non-refundable deposit is required to register)
Registration:  Visit one of the links below to register online AND call the office at 815-433-0000 to complete registration with your $75 deposit.

SDC’s Teams are Back!

Skydive Chicago’s sponsored teams, SDC Rhythm XP and SDC Core, are back for the 2016 season. Rhythm and Core will be training, organizing, and hosting small events throughout the year. 

Locker Rentals

Are you looking for a place to secure your gear while you’re at the dropzone?
Skydive Chicago provides 175 rentable lockers, located in the hangar, which is secured every night. There are currently 50 lockers available for rent. One of these lockers can be yours for a small annual rental fee of only $50.
Short term locker rentals are also available at $25/week.
Stop into the office to make your locker reservation.

The Drop Shop – May Special

For the month of May The Drop Shop is having a special!  
10% OFF of all in-stock or special order camera accessories.
Visit The Drop Shop’s website HERE, or stop in the next time you are at the dropzone.
Phone: 815-510-6595

Tandem Safety

Whether you have 25 jumps or 10,000 skydives everyone needs to stay up-to-date and current on their Emergency Procedures. On April 23rd all SDC instructors harnessed up playing role of instructor and student. All instructors are also audited throughout the year to ensure that our standards are being met.

May 2016 Tandem Specials

Let the countdown to summer begin!
MAY JUMP-VIDEO PROMO WEB copySkydive Chicago is offering many great specials on tandem skydives in the month of May.
What are you waiting for? Come out and make your jump now!
In honor of Mother’s Day weekend, Skydive Chicago is offering your tandem skydive at a $189 rate for everyone that comes out to make a tandem skydive on May 7th & 8th.
Schedule your reservation now, before we book up for the weekend!
What is your profile picture?
Every person that makes a tandem skydive on Thursdays in the month of May will receive one free selfie photo. The selfie photo will be taken while under canopy. The photo will be selected by Skydive Chicago and delivered to your email inbox.
May Selfie Thursdays TV STILL Web V
With all of our great events planned for this season, we want to keep our campground looking great. We can accomplish this by keeping our slots tidy, utilizing the trash and recycling receptacles, keeping our pets on leashes and cleaning up after them.
Anyone that is staying on the campground or utilizing the campground facilities must have a current waiver on file. Tandem students staying on the campground will be given a blue wristband to indicate that they have been approved to use the facilities.
If you have non-jumping friends staying to visit please make sure that they stop into the office to fill out a short campground release, prior to utilizing the campground. If you have friends arriving after the office has closed they can stop by the Tiki bar or Skylounge to complete the campground release.

Blue Skies!

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