Illinois State Women’s Record

On the weekend of August 18-20, 2017, fifty-one women will attempt to achieve the Illinois State Women ‘s Skydiving Record at Skydive Chicago.  in 2013 and 2015, JaNette Lefkowitz of Skydive Chicago’s Rhythm XP skydiving team, successfully organized and achieved the Illinois State Women’s Skydiving Records but JaNette felt there was opportunity and skilled women who would be interest to aim for an even larger record.

This weekends Illinois State Women’s Skydiving Record event will include three-plane jump attempt, a weekend of forging new friendships and countless learning opportunities from the best women in the sport of skydiving.  Women will arrive Thursday evening from all parts of the country.  The weekend will then kick off with dive planning from JaNette Lefkowitz.  Jumping will begin on Friday and continue through the weekend.

The goal for the weekend is to achieve a one-point, fifty-one way record.  This means that fifty-one women will dive out of two planes flying at 18,000 feet, thus requiring oxygen on the ride to altitude, and build a formation that will include linking everyone by hand or leg grips in a specific pattern.

In a sport made up of only 13% women, this is an opportunity for women to set themselves apart from the community and drive home the importance of women in skydiving.  There will also be lectures and speakers from the Women in Skydiving Leadership Network that will focus on empowering women to be leaders in the skydiving community.

Won’t you please join us this weekend as we attempt to complete a record setting set of skydives that will set our state apart in the industry of skydiving as fifty-one skill and competitive women will break records and forge new new steps in equality for women skydivers.

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