The Freefall Foundation – Robbie Whittrock

Skydive Chicago is partnering with The Free Fall Foundation in 2018 to help deliver the dream of skydiving to those in the Greater Chicagoland Area and surrounding communities for those who want to skydive but cannot muster the means to chase their dreams. Just like The Free Fall Foundation, Skydive Chicago believes everyone should feel the experience of skydiving. In fact, that is Skydive Chicago’s goal for all who walk through their doors and into their skies. The family and staff at Skydive Chicago live, work, and play in the world of skydiving because they believe in the freedom, family, and experiences that motivate them to push their boundaries to grow as skydivers and people as they return year after year to continue to give that gift to all who want to be a part of the experience.

This April, we took Robbie Whittrock on a FREE tandem skydive.  She is a hard-working mother of three who travels constantly for work and would never take the time for herself to do something like skydiving.   Thankfully, she took a moment and she couldn’t have been happier that she did.  Watch now and feel the experience with her.

You can nominate your friend or family member for a FREE skydive at Skydive Chicago right here:

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