What Makes Skydive Chicago So Different?

At Skydive Chicago, we’re unique. There’s no other dropzone on the planet that offers the mix of facilities that we do — which is why skydivers the world over come here year after year after year for the best jumping they’ve ever had. What’s our secret? We’re glad you asked. We have a few!

Private property

Here’s an insider tip: To have a resort-like skydiving center, you have to have your own land to build it. So many skydiving dropzones are based on municipal airports — and that’s true for lots of great reasons, from ease to cost and back again — but it’s the private airstrips that can really roll out the red carpet for visitors.

skydive chicago cabins


Because we’re situated on private land, we’ve been able to build several comfortable cabins to house visiting jumpers. Whether you’ve got a big group and champagne taste or a strict budget and an aversion to tent life, we have a cabin to suit your style.


Bringing your own turtleshell? We have a space for those skydiving with us! Skydive Chicago offers both full and partial RV hookups or tent camping at the legendary riverside Cougar Campground, which sits under a stand of shade trees out beyond the swimmin’ hole. There’s a party pavilion to rock out at, as well as hot showers, clean restrooms and laundry facilities on-site.


Skydive Chicago boasts an internet cafe, tiki bar and sky lounge with incredible food, called Eat Up cafe! Located in the main lobby of the building, Eat Up serves breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the skydiving season.


Skydive Chicago was founded for skydivers, by skydivers, for the skyfamily at large as well as the individual families that make up the greater community. (Our founder’s kids grew up right here on this family-friendly dropzone and are, in fact, still holding their places at the top of the skydiving game.) No detail of life at Skydive Chicago does not reflect the obsessive passion for human flight in all its forms. Get caught up in it along with us!

skydive Chicago landing area


We have the some of the most impressive aircraft fleets in the business — so much so that our Skydive Chicago aircraft regularly go out and make the rounds at skydiving boogies worldwide. We have beautiful, meticulously maintained Otters, Caravans and Skyvans, flown by the best damned pilots to grace a cockpit, and we couldn’t be prouder of our fleet.

skydive chicago aircraft

Landing Area

It doesn’t matter how fancy and kitted-out the dropzone or how fabulous the airplanes if the landing area is a rocky mess. Aren’t we right? Well: Skydive Chicago welcomes jumpers of every ability (and-or ‘Angle Blindness’ sufferers) with a large, grassy landing area that stretches out in every direction.

skydive chicago grounds


When you’re not in the sky, you can fish the Fox River, swim in the pond, lay out on our white, sandy beach, check out the hiking trails that warp and wend here and there around the property, go birdwatching, or simply take a drive to check out the idyllic countryside (salted with a few state parks) that we call home. There’s a reason we set up shop here: It’s gorgeous!

How’s that for an encyclopedic list of awesome? You simply have to check it out for yourself!

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