Skydive Chicago’s September Newsletter

Skydive Chicago’s September 2018 Newsletter

Take a peek at the latest information and happenings at the world-famous Skydive Chicago!

A Letter From Rook Nelson

This summer seems like it went by during Summerfest.  The view from the sky now is brown fields and the leaves have begun to change colors.   I’m convinced that the season have shifted backwards this year though. Growing up, May and June seemed to be well into summer and September / October seemed like it could

snow any day.   Flash forward to today and, if we get more jumpable days then and not in May and June, I’m happy!   September and October are becoming my favorite months to jump.  The temps are perfect, light winds and loads turning all day.  The one of the reasons we plan our big competition events in September is how nice it is.   Often we get to the later part of the season and you may feel unaccomplished.  A feeling that I spent all summer on the DZ and what did I get from it?   Well, I have to ask what were your goals?  Did you set out to accomplish something?   If the answer is “NO”, then I recommend that you set some goals for your skydiving season.   Set a mid-summer and end of

season obtainable goal.   For example, the VFS team Ecplitic came here not even knowing each other and had a goal to compete at Nationals.  They all had unlimited packages and drafted a training schedule.   They competed in and won Gold in intermediate VFS!  They were all pumped and, for me as a DZO, it certainly makes me smile to see people set goals and achieve them.   Now you don’t have to have the same goals as to compete but maybe you want to be able to participate in the 40 ways during the 4th of July or maybe it’s a headdown big way camp or even if its just to participate in Rookiefest, set your goal, make a plan,  and let nothing stop you……not even yourself.

So, let’s keep them in mind.  When leaving or arriving to the DZ, please remember to follow the posted speed limits and slow down signs.   Imagine if someone flew by your house at 100 mph not paying any attention to the children playing nearby.   Just like skydiving there is no need to rush.   Being in a hurry can lead to accidents.   We jump everyday the sun shines which makes plenty of opportunities to jump.  Please take an extra minute or two and slow down when driving by our neighbors.

ROOKIEFEST Is Almost Here!

This is the Nationals for beginning skydivers! All rookie skydivers from any dropzone are welcome to participate in this 3-way scrambles style competition.

Teams change each round based on a random draw, but will always include one experienced ‘coach’ (members from SDC Rhythm XP, SDC Core, Rook Nelson and more!). Scores will be judged by an officially rated judge and prizes are awarded to the top three individuals.

The winner will take home a Rookiefest Trophy that will give the DZ bragging rights that they produce the best students.

We invite jumpers from all dropzones to participate. At the end of the first day join us for a brief seminar on topics that cover gear, canopy, exits, safety, competitive skydiving, formation skydiving and more! In the evening come to our famous Tiki bar to enjoy dinner and drinks.

To be eligible for Rookiefest, you must have less than 200 jumps total or be in the sport for less than two years.  Registration includes a t-shirt and there will be 5 jumps at $25 each.  Discounted gear rental is available for $25 and inludes a rig, helmet, jumpsuit and a pack job.  The event takes place September 29th through September 30th.

Click here to register:

Click here to fill out the SDC Rhythm XP Entry Form:

A Message From Manifest

We still have October, so get on it! Visit to find the contract. The weather has made a turn for the better and we are getting more jumps in per day than we did in the summer months.  Take advantage of it and get your Unlimited Pass today!

We also would like to just remind people of the 50 jump minimum to stay in the campground. Many have not yet reached this, and as we’d love to keep everyone in our campground community, they should be reminded of this. We have sent out notifications to those who have not met the minimum, so people should watch their in-boxes or contact the office you are unsure if you’ve met minimum. Additionally, we will be sending out notifications in the next couple weeks to people who have not finished their 25, 50, or 100 jump packages.

Staying Safe and Moving Across The Sky

We have talked about some of the dangers of movement groups and going into other peoples airspace this year and the discussion has led to smarter decisions in the sky. Along those lines, another thing to be mindful of is the canopy winds.  As fall approaches the winds will be increasing. On a few occasions in the past couple weeks, a movement group has sufficiently created distance from the other free-fallers but in the process has moved off the line of flight.  On light canopy days this isn’t really that big of a deal but, as the winds increase, are cone of returnability narrows. So the next time you lead or follow a movement group please keep that in mind. If your leading a group and you have a high wing loading, keep in mind that other people in your group may not.  They may have difficulty getting back or, if your following, you may want to sit that particular jump out.  Keep making good decisions out there, everyone.

Don’t forget: a smart skydiver is a safe skydiver!

The Danimal Keeps The DZ Working For You

The showerhouse has had some hot water issues this year.  The women’s side is totally fine, but the men’s side works sometimes and then sometimes it just doesn’t keep the hot water going.  Let’s be honest, that kinds stinks when you just want a hot shower before hitting load one.

Well, Dan has heard you and got with his team of plumbers, Rogers Stack, Keven Tierney, and Nick Fener, and they wen’t to town on the situation.  We are happy to let you know that the situation has now been rectified and, guys, you get all the hot water you can handle!

On a different note, the season is staring to wind down a bit and people are trying to help the community by placing items for others to use while they are here under the pavilion.  That’s a great thing, everyone.  It’s part of what makes our community so amazing.  However, we encourage you to gift these items directly to people who may need them.  The Pavilion isn’t a dump station for these items.  We are trying to keep it clean and clear and that means that if you leave a grill or coffee maker or anything, we will kindly remove these items if they are left there.  This includes golf carts, cars, motorcycles or any other motorized items.  The Pavilion isn’t a garage or a dump station.  It’s a place to hang out and have fun.  We just can’t do that with golf carts and junk in the way.  Thanks for understanding and we appreciate your help keeping the Pavilion clean.

Rock Sky Is Loaded To The Gills!

What a fantastic year so far at Rock Sky!  Thanks to everyone who has helped make this transition a success.  Part of having a good gear store is having both excellent gear and apparel but also NEW gear and apparel.  That is exactly what Rock Sky Market has been doing at Skydive Chicago this year.

There are NEW Parasport F1 suits in stock and ready for you.  They have new RigSleeves and even the Unpacked version are now on the shelves.  These are great for travel and make moving with gear easy.  New Akando gloves are in stock and will help you get the grip you need in any weather condition.  Bonehead Fusion demos are now available to jump for a day as well.  The days may be cooling in the near future but the sun is still shining bright and their stock of Curve sunglasses is updated constantly.  Feel like a new sweatshirt?  Well, stop on in and check out the new “Need For Speed” sweatshirts that just arrived yesterday!  As always, Rock Sky does have consignment gear that is great gear for you to get flying with again.

Everything you need to be a better, safer, and cooler looking skydiver is ready and waiting for you at Rock Sky Market located right on SDC’s campus.  Stop on in and let them help you get geared up and ready for the sky!

Paragolf Is Back Again This Year

It’s that time of year again!! Time to descend under canopy into the Dayton golf course for a little game of Paragolf on Wednesday, October 3rd. Most of you are aware of what goes on, but for the few of you that don’t, let me just say It’s an event you don’t want to miss!   We will be doing a hop‘n’pop over the golf course and making an accuracy landing on the 2nd fairway where you will be greeted with an ice cold beer, that you have to drink as fast as you can. You will be scored on your landing accuracy and drink speed.  So land close (and safe) and drink fast!! After everyone has landed,  we play a 9-hole round of golf, divided into teams of 3-4 players per team.

Teams play best ball. Everyone hits a ball and then everyone hits their next shot from the previous best shot.   You do not need to be a golfer, or even have ever played golf to come and have a good time.  There will be prizes for the longest drive, closest to the pin, and overall score.  Afterwards, join us for dinner and drinks at the clubhouse!  You must be a licensed skydiver and you must contact Ryan Clair for further details.  Hit him up on Facebook and join in on the fun!

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