All About High Altitude Jumps

High altitude jumps are of the most unique bucket-list adventures a novelty-keen human can have. They’re the indisputable ideal for the ultimate adventurist — the kind of person who wants to take their skydiving experience to a level that few in the world can ever brag about.

Let’s not soft-pedal this: making a tandem skydive from 20,000′ isn’t just the adventure of your own lifetime, it’ll be the adventure of any lifetime you can imagine, and Skydive Chicago is making them an achievable reality for a select few! On just three dates — June 2, July 7th and August 4th — reservations for a high-altitude tandem skydive will be made available for just nine jumpers per day to skydive from a whopping 20,000′.

So what are the differences between skydiving from 13,500’ and 20,000′? Make no mistake — to reiterate — high-altitude skydiving is an adventure. No joke!

Tandem Jumping From High Altitude Stresses the Body More Than Jumping from Normal Altitude

Your fitness is an important factor, for your own safety and for the safety of your Tandem Instructor. Please do contact us regarding any medical conditions prior to booking.

Tandem Skydiving

You’re Going to Need Special Equipment

The use of supplemental oxygen for high altitude tandem jumps is required. We’ll provide you with your own cannula.

You’ll Need to Dress for Success

Please make sure to dress warmly and bring additional close-fitting layers. Please note that it is cold at 20,000 feet.

Here’s what you need to know to snag one of those precious reservations (and nail the jump).

  • Reservations are absolutely, positively required, and you must pay in full to make your reservation. No discounts apply. No refunds are offered for no-shows. Photos and video are sold at an additional cost: For the standard package, $179; for the Ultimate Package, $219; for the  Selfie Photo package, $69. For guidance regarding the best package for you, please ask when you make a reservation.
  • Bookings are strictly limited to nine jumpers only on each of three dates: June 2nd, July 7th, and August 4th.
  • Arrival time is 7:30 AM, and you must arrive on time or your reservation will be non-refundably canceled. (This is a special jump, and the pre-flight briefing is extraordinarily thorough.) Hot tip: Completing the electronic waiver prior to arrival is highly recommended to expedite your check-in process.
  • Keepsakes are included. Each high-altitude tandem jumper will receive a special High Altitude Certificate and keep the oxygen cannula.

Sound like your kind of thing? Heck yes! We’re looking forward to hosting you for an experience you’ll certainly never forget.

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