How To Become a Skydiver in a Week

Are you looking for the most cost effective, time efficient way to become a licensed skydiver? At Skydive Chicago, we offer one of the most proved and innovative instructional skydiving programs in the nation: Accelerated Freefall Progression (or as we like to call it, AFP).

Within the purview of our instructional skydiving program, we also have a program designed to fast-track you to obtaining your license by giving you everything you need to become a skydiver in a week. You read that right: a week*. In just seven days, aspiring skydivers can earn their United States Parachute Association A-license.

What’s so great about receiving an A-license in a week?

Confidence Boost

The body flight skills needed for skydiving are not an inherently natural human skill. We spend our lives upright, using our legs to propel us forward. In the sky, movement mechanisms are different: we use the drag force of our bodies in the air and the generated lift to direct ourselves in different ways using our hips, legs, arms, and even hands. Your entire body becomes a wing. It’s really neat, but it’s also very humbling.

Using the A-license in a week program you can build confidence in your skills and flying abilities much more quickly because you will amass jumps in a fairly short window of time. The less idle time you leave for doubt to creep in the better. In skydiving, confidence in your abilities can help you perform to the best of your abilities.

Keep Up Momentum

We’ve seen it time and time again. A student is fired up to learn; gung-ho to get in the sky; eager to achieve their dream of becoming a skydiver. Then it happens: Mother Nature gets in the way.

Often students lose momentum with the weather and go from being enthusiastic to downright apathetic. If you’re only committing your weekends toward your student progression, you may go weeks without a jump, just waiting on the right weather.

Once momentum is lost, the energy needed to keep pushing toward a goal is hard to generate. It’s not uncommon to see students earning their A-license across multiple months or even over an entire skydiving season. While the student progression is a fun time of development, it’s just a step toward becoming a real skydiver. The sooner you obtain your A-license, the sooner the real fun begins.

Join A Big, Fun, Family

One of the best parts of skydiving is getting to enjoy freefall with your new found friends. The A-license in a week program gets you in the air jumping with others much more quickly than other student progressions. Get your A-license and begin enjoying three-way and even four-way skydives with other licensed skydivers on the dropzone. Keep working on your skydiving skills, and you might one day find your way onto those record-breaking big-way skydives with hundreds of other skydivers!

Save Money!

Money isn’t everything, but it sure doesn’t hurt to cut costs when you can (hey, that’s just more money for you to jump with later on down the line!) Skydiving can be an emotional roller coaster in the beginning. By dedicating a week of surrounding yourself with those who have done what you’re about to do, you’ll have the support of family like community by your side. Success rates of those who choose to finish in a week are staggering compared to those who piece it together through the season, and sometimes multiple seasons. If you buy individual levels, you’re looking at spending over $3,000 dollars to get through the A-license program, and this does not include the solo skydives you will need to obtain your A-license. The A-license in a week, fast-track program, is $3,422 and includes everything you need to receive your A-license in a week.  Honestly, it’s a deal you can’t beat!

If this program seems right for you, don’t waste any more time, and let’s get you started on the fast-track path to becoming a licensed skydiver!

*One week is our aim as weather plays a big role in our ability to complete the program in time. Students are subject to more strict weather conditions such as wind speeds. We do our best to complete the program in one week, but it is not a guarantee. 

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