How To Get Into Skydiving

Over the last year, you may have seen incredible images and epic videos on social media of some amazing skydives from Summerfest, Rookiefest, World Record, Big way trainings, and more! Did any of these peak your interest to learn more about skydiving? Perhaps you saw an image or video that inspired you to become a skydiver, but you have no idea how or where to start? Skydive Chicago is not only host to these incredible events that draw skydivers in from around the world, but we are also a training facility that can guide you into this sport. So how can you get into skydiving?


Getting into skydiving is a lot easier than most people think. The first thing – and the most important thing –  is that you have a burning desire to let go of what you think is normal, step outside of your comfort zone, and be willing to learn a new sport. If you have that – I can’t think about anything else feeling, or I’ve always wanted to do it, attitude, then let’s get to it! 



 At Skydive Chicago, we welcome you into the sport with two tandem skydives. Tandem skydiving requires a short class to give you the basic expectations of the jump. Then you are harnessed to an experienced instructor, wearing an altimeter, and jumpsuit. Tandem skydives are from 13,500’ so you experience a thrilling one minute of freefall and about 5-7 minutes under the parachute. 


The tandem skydives will give you a jump start on the next steps on getting into skydiving. You’ll be fresh on the simple protocols like using the altimeter, loading the aircraft, the anticipation of jumping will be familiar – so when you set out into the Advanced Freefall Program, you’ll be steps ahead! 


If the only thing you think about is your skydive and all your friends have amused you by watching your video a hundred times, then you know, getting into skydiving is for you. If you’re not sure, then take the time to answer if this is for you. Getting into skydiving is a big commitment and will best serve you if you’re all in.  


The AFP program is an all-encompassing training program that will take you after your tandem skydives, all the way to your next, big achievement – earning your A-License through the national organization, USPA. Many programs will promote completing their programs in as few as 7-10 jumps. However, to earn your A-license, one must complete 25 skydives, including learning more freefall and canopy maneuvers. The other programs will have coaches to guide you the rest of the way to earn your requirements. 

 The AFP program takes the mystery out of earning your license into one comprehensive program. You’ll also be guided by an AFP Instructor (who has higher experience than a Coach) throughout the entire program. AFP has evolved over the years into the most progressive and complete curriculum used in the skydiving world today. The AFP curriculum has inspired USPA’s requirements for self-supervision, thus producing more competent and confident skydivers. Unlike with other programs, AFP graduates have excelled in all aspects of the sport becoming instructors, world record holders, and even National and World Champions. 



This past weekend we hosted our annual newbie event, Rookie Fest! It’s an event that welcomes all newly licensed skydivers from the past two years to be welcomed in a friendly competition and coached by world-class and experienced skydivers. 

We also have several other great events throughout the year such as the A-License Club, and several coaches such SDC Rhythm XP, SDC Core, load organizers that welcome all licensed skydivers from all levels and engineers skydives to meet the group’s skills – all to help you continue to progress into the sport. 

Are you ready to take the next step and get into skydiving? We’re ready when you are! 

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