Skydiving Nationals 2.0

As most everybody knows, this year has not exactly been ideal, or what anyone predicted it would be like in January. This is true for all communities around the world, including our favorite community- Skydivers! One of the side effects of the pandemic includes USPA Nationals being canceled due to concerns from community members. This was particularly related to hundreds of jumpers traveling from all over to meet together in person at ZHills in Florida. Teams around the country were disappointed at losing the chance to compete… but talk around the bonfire quickly included ideas about remote or digital Nationals. Since the whole world has found a way to move online… wouldn’t it be neat if people could compete at their home DZ and upload the videos?

Enter Skydiving Nationals 2.0! Skydiving Chicago, in partnership with your local dropzone and Performance Designs, presents the first ever remote national skydiving competition. Not only does this event give teams who have been training a chance to compete against each other, but also gives a real opportunity for skydivers with no competition experience a way to try it out with very few entry barriers. Jumpers will get the chance to compete at their home DZ, out of their familiar plane, against others across the country, and be scored by nationally rated judges. To allow for the most dropzone participation, the SDC team had to move quickly, setting the event dates to September 19-20th before the weather in the country’s northern DZs begins to decline.


The team at SDC is very excited about the opportunities this could bring to the sport overall. With no need for travel and only a $45 entry fee, the cost of the event is significantly lower than a normal National competition. A remote competition does not offer the same atmosphere as when we are physically able to bring everyone together, but for the skydiver who was never able to financially commit or get a team together with schedules and travel ability lined up, this is the perfect opportunity to bring local friends together to give it a try. The competition is real. The scores are real. The medals are real. See how you like it and be scored by national judges for the price of two jump tickets (or less)! Great opportunity to demo a competition! With the increased interest in competition, this event will bring, it will lead to better teams and better flying at future USPA National events to continue to progress the sport. This is not a USPA sanctioned event, but we do have the USPA’s encouragement to make this happen!

Events Available

Given the constraints of a remote Nationals we are able to offer the following events:

4-Way VFS Open
4-Way VFS Advanced
4-Way VFS Intermediate
2-Way MFS Open
2-Way MFS Advanced
2-Way MFS Intermediate
4-Way FS Open
4-Way FS Advanced
4-Way FS Intermediate
4-Way FS Rookie (new!)
8-Way FS Open
8-Way FS Advanced
8-Way FS Intermediate
10-Way Speed
CF 2-Way Sequential Open
CF 2-Way Sequential ProAm
CF 4-Way Sequential
CF 4-Way Rotation

What we need from you


Grab your team and register before Wednesday, September 16th!
Make sure your dropzone is signed up!
Spread the word! #skydivenationals2 #nationalsuploaded

For registration and details go to


Must have the internet to allow for video uploads
Designated meet director able to attend Zoom competitor brief Friday, September 18th
Spread the word! #skydivenationals2 #nationalsuploaded

Want to get involved and have your dropzone be listed as a host on both the website and the facebook event? Us too!
For all hosting requirements and details go to

More information

For more information about the event including registration or information about being a host DZ please go to

Grab your team! Grab your friends! Let’s rally our community and emerge successful amongst the hardships of 2020.

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