4-Way FS Rookie!

Skydiving Nationals 2.0, the first nationals remote skydiving competition, is shaking up the field by allowing athletes to jump at their home dropzone against people from across the country. Realizing this is a unique opportunity to get a large number of people interested in competition without the commitment of travel and time usually required to compete, Skydive Chicago wants to make the event as accessible to people as possible. This includes priorities like keeping the event under $50 and offering the entry-level category 4-way FS rookie. This way pick-up teams can be included in the fun, as well as lower experienced teams who have struggled with a shortened skydiving season.

“Originally, we were going to go to the Nationals for the first time this year, but since Covid made the training season much later than usual, and with Nationals 2.0 being almost 2 months earlier than the original Nationals, I thought competing in the Rookie class vs intermediate, would yield a much better experience…  I am viewing it as a training session with pressure, which will be good for all of us and none of us have ever competed in 4-way before.” – Carin Liljedahl, Skydive The Ranch, Petrichor

With some of our first teams signed up being 4-way FS rookie, we wanted to talk to these athletes to see what they think about Skydiving Nationals 2.0!

What are you most excited about?

“Being able to be a part of something that will be both fun and challenging. Learning new skills.” – Erik Christiansen, Des Moines Skydivers, Flying Orcas

“Two of our teammates have less than 100 skydives. I am looking forward to seeing them progress as skydivers.” – Rene Rios, Des Moines Skydivers, Flying Orcas

“…knowing that someone is judging and scoring and that every jump counts will add valuable pressure in order for the team to learn how they might perform with the added stress.” – Alex Jordaan, Skydive The Ranch, Petrichor

Words of Wisdom to anyone thinking of signing up?

“Sign up!!!! There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain.” – Carin Liljedahl, Skydive The Ranch, Petrichor

“I’d encourage any other “noob” teams who might be on the fence about competing at all to jump on the grenade and do this. The cost is relatively low, and the “feeling” of competition, even though remote, will be an experience worth having, knowing that others from across the country are doing the same draw. The Rookie draw is perfect for teams who simply haven’t had much time to train but can reliably fly together.” – David Grabowski, Skydive The Ranch, Petrichor

“Competitions are few and far between, so whatever format you can get is worth the lessons that you will take away from it…” – Alex Jordaan, Skydive The Ranch, Petrichor

“Ask a lot of questions. Find the people that are good belly flyers and have had some experience in competitive skydiving and ask them questions. Most of those people will be more than happy to take time from their fun jumping to coach your team up and help you progress.” – Rene Rios, Des Moines Skydivers, Flying Orcas

Where to get more information

So what are you waiting for?! Grab a team and make sure everyone is registered before noon CDT on Wednesday, 9/16

Go to www.skydivenationals2.com for details, registration information, and dropzone hosting information.

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