Remote work Redefined


Skydiving: an extreme sport full of individuals defining their own path to happiness. Providing more than an adrenaline rush, the sport offers a variety of benefits, motivation, empowerment, character building, therapy for the mind, just to name a few. No matter the benefit a person receives, skydiving serves value to all while forcing us to reflect on our abilities, inner struggles, and in turn reinforcing empathy and acceptance. All of this being said, skydiving attracts and celebrates all walks and all stages in life from recent High School Graduates to retirees. 

A New Reality

Strong community focus is what makes this sport as special as it is. We can only see it as our responsibility to seek and meet the needs of the members. As the workforce almost overnight woke up to a new reality, many found themselves with new freedom, working from anywhere they’d like, as long as they had internet, a laptop, and a reasonable place to work.


We recognized in 2020, the number of remote workers filling our booths and tables during the day, both Tandem students and fun jumpers. Some online classes, others reporting in for their day job. Nonetheless, the grit, tenacity, and overall work ethic inspired us to reimagine what a Skydiving dropzone could be. More than a place to jump out of planes, more than a place to celebrate personal victories, it could be a place for individuals to find a balance.

Doing Our Part

As we’ve come to understand our members’ lives outside of skydiving, we’ve decided to do our part to support them. We’ve run internet to each RV slot, provided complimentary wifi in the campground and hanger, and have now put a package together to help those wishing to live on the dropzone full time a possibility. 


The script has been flipped for employees everywhere and we applaud it. We truly hope that no matter the hobbies, sports, activities, clubs, etc, that each person can devote more time and energy to what they love as the world’s priorities catch up to what matters in life. We hope to support this movement in any way we can but understand the first step is acknowledging the need for change.

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