Freedomfest weekend!

parachutes landing


Saturday for the Freedomfest Speed Star Money Meet participants completed three rounds of jumps with mixed up teams completing one point formations in the fastest time. Registration funds went into a pot which was then awarded to top two fastest contestants for each belly and vertical categories. Eugene Fernandez (61.4 seconds) and Maria Tkachuk (63.48 seconds) came in with the fastest speed star belly times. In the vertical category there was a tie with 79.74 seconds between Kyle Brady and Ashton Lane who completed an intense “ninja, cowboy, bear” (think rock, paper, scissors) game to determine Kyle as the first place winner. Congratulations Eugene, Maria, Kyle, and Ashton!

Money Meet Participants
Money Meet Participants

Saturday also included an ash dive and celebration of life for long-time jumper Nick Fruchner. Friends and family came from around the country to remember him and tell stories commemorating the life of our friend followed by a BBQ and toast in his honor. Thank you to everyone involved to make this a special day for his loved ones.

Skydive Celebration of life Ash Dive for Nick Fruchner
Celebration of life Ash Dive for Nick Fruchner

All American concluded Saturday evening with our annual Fireworks show and UFO jumps!! Hundreds of townspeople gathered on site to watch and were not disappointed by the incredible jump and the fireworks that followed. Ten jumpers all donned LED light up suits with pyro to start the night off right with an impressive formation light show and landing. Then the fireworks began with a close-up professional display of colors, lights, and bangs. After a challenging 2020, this weekend is what everyone needed.

All American 80 way with smoke skydive
All American 80 way with smoke
Skyvan and two Twin Otters coming in for landing after launching successful All American 80 Way
Four plane shot for the All American 80 Way
UFO jump with Rook Nelson
UFO Jump
80 way All American big way
80 Way launch

And of course you can find more content from our weekend on facebook!

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