DZO Rook Nelson Looks to 2019

He can hop in a plane to fly a load of jumpers, he’s a multi-national and world champion skydiver, he’s a husband, a dad, and the owner of Skydive Chicago. We had a rare opportunity to sit down with Rook Nelson to talk about the 2018 season, get a bit personal, and chat about what’s […]
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Meet the Team: Nichole Richards

“I love teaching and I love skydiving, being able to teach people the sport that means so much to me has been a dream for years.” In this interview, we meet one of the gals you’ve seen in the planes and behind the manifest window – meet, Nichole Richards!
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Anthony Ebel Skydive Chicago

Meet the Team: Anthony Ebel

“The Freedom, making money doing something that you already love and travel at the same time. I would have never been able to jump as much or travel as much if it wasn’t for Skydiving and Skydive Chicago.” Anthony Ebel is a household name around Skydive Chicago, and there’s a reason – he’s been with […]
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Meet the Team: AJ Johnson

There’s no doubt you’ll recognize our next team member as he has become the face of Skydive Chicago! AJ Johnson hails from southern California and relocated to Chicago where he found his new passion for skydiving. Not long after being introduced to Skydive Chicago, he fell in love and pursued it as a career using […]
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Meet the Team: Rogers Stack

If you’ve been to Skydive Chicago, more than likely you’ve seen this guy around. He’s one of our instructors that loves his career in skydiving, is known for having a unique name and loves this place. Join us as we get to know our team member, Rogers Stack!
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Meet the Team: Rachel Rolfsmeier

Rachel is a Colorado native that ventured her way to Chicago chasing a career. Eventually this outdoorsy woman found her way through the doors of Skydive Chicago. That day a team of elite skydivers had set a new world record and she immediately fell in love with the sport. Join us as we sit down […]
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