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The Coach Course is offered to those at 100+ jumps. You’re not ready to Coach?!? That’s ok! It is still the perfect time to get back into a class room and learn what you don’t know, ask questions, be challenged and have a lot of fun doing it!!
Learn about advanced body flight and how to use it in a coaching capacity!
· Must be a current USPA member
· At least 18 years of age
· USPA B license or higher
· Minimum of 100 jumps
Course fees are $400 per person, minimum of 3 candidates required.
$500 per person for 2 candidates, $700 per person for 1 candidate.

Additional fees: There will be a minimum of 2 evaluation jump, (5) jump tickets, plus you will need to pay for your evaluators pack jobs.

The USPA rating fee is $45.

Total costs are approximately $650

You will need a copy of the Skydiver’s Information Manual (SIM) dated within two years and the instructional Rating Manual (IRM). These can be dowloaded from a link at

The event is finished.


Jun 24 - 26 2022


All Day


Skydive Chicago


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