Ecliptik Intro to Lead Movement Jumps

Ever thought about what exactly goes into planning and leading an Angle Jump?
☀️ This camp will be aimed at proficient Angle flyers who want to learn more about the Leading side of these skydives.
☀️ Includes a Ground School for the Fundamentals of Leading. We will give everyone who wants to, a chance to plan and lead at least one jump per day. You are NOT required to lead, if you do not want to!
ℹ️ This is your chance to get signed off for leading at SDC!
💸 $300 for the 3 day weekend
5-6 jumps / day
⚠️ Requirements:
✅️ 300 jumps minimum
✅ Able to safely fly and break off in a group of 6 and staying in your lane
✅ Freefly friendly rig
✅ AAD & Audible
📨 PM Dan or Leslie with any questions

The event is finished.


Jul 21 - 23 2023


All Day


Skydive Chicago


Ecliptik Angle

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