Ecliptik Angle Camp

3 days of Angle Flying, Beginner to Advanced.
These Skills Camps are an efficient and fun way to learn and develop your skills in the sky. So come dust off the dust and progress your flying! Groups will be determined depending on the participants’ interest.
⚠️ General information:
* 3 Days – 6+ jumps per day (weather dependent, of course)
* 5/6 participants per group
* Mandatory Briefing 8 AM
* Every jump will include a thorough brief & detailed video debrief
* Groups will be sorted according to skills/experience and demand
* Each groups will have the chance to fly with both Organizers!
* Daniel Adams
* Leslie Menetrier
* Guest Organizer to be announced based on demand
⬇️ To register please follow the link below:
✨️ 100+ jump minimum & appropriate experience for the group (unless approved by a reputable coach)
✨️Freefly friendly rig, AAD & Audible
Are you newer to angle flying? Don’t feel ready to go with bigger groups? Are exits still giving you trouble? Do you feel like you are playing catch up every jump?
This group will focus on fine tuning the basics of angle flying. Everything from the exit, body position, inputs, flying your slot, group dynamics to a safe break off.
Minimum requirements to participate:
* Must be able to fly safely in a group of 5 & have basic tracking control
Are some turns, speeds & pitch still too much for you to fly? Do you want to learn how to fly tight and fast? Do you feel confident on your belly but weak on your back?
Focus will be on speed, pitch changes, & tight turns, and start expending on your angle flying abilities. We will make sure that everyone does a little bit of everything, and will move into more challenging dives.
Minimum requirements to participate:
* Must be able to safely fly in formation, in your quadrant in a belly angle at various speeds, with turns and pitch changes & be very proficient at breaking off.
Are you flying both on your belly and back? Looking to clean up your transitions? Ready to be challenged with more dynamic or mixed dives? Do you want to train for a big group angle camp?
Focus for this group will be more complex dives. Depending of the skill levels of the group we will mix with freefly jumps, head up or other creative jumps!!!
* Must be able to safely fly on level, in slot in both belly and back at various speeds, with turns and pitch changes in a formation & be very proficient at breaking off.
REGISTRATION PAYMENT to secure your slot:
– Cash 💵
– Venmo
– PayPal
⚠️ VERY IMPORTANT: Only flyers who have registered and paid will have a secured slot in the camp! Register fast before all the slots sell out!!!
📥 PM Leslie Menetrier on Facebook for details or with any questions!

The event is finished.


Jul 01 - 03 2023


All Day


Skydive Chicago


Ecliptik Angle

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