Intro to Artistic- Freefly and Freestyle with XP Ascend

This one day event at Skydive Chicago will be focused on sharing information about both Artistic disciplines Freestyle & Freeflying. Whether you are an experienced jumper that has competed before or a newer jumper looking to learn more and start a team this event is for you!
The first part of the day we will be spend on the ground going over a variety of topics and the rest of day jumps will be made followed by debriefing as a group.
Topics will include
– Explanation of both disciplines
– General rules
– New intermediate classes
– Compulsory rounds
– Flying together
It is best if you have a teammate for this event so you can make jumps with the person you plan to fly with but if you are just getting started and don’t have a teammate yet just select that box in the registration form and let us know which role you plan to fly.
This is a free one day event that we want to use to share information on both Freestyle and Freeflying. With the addition of intermediate this year in both classes it is now more accessible than ever for most jumpers.
Please reach out if you have any questions!
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Jun 23 2023


All Day


Skydive Chicago


Skydive Chicago

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