MEGA 8-Way with SDC Rhythm XP

Here it is folks, the most fun 8 way event you can ever think of; an 8 way event unlike any other, an 8 way event to put all other 8 way events to shame! THIS IS MEGA 8 WAY!!!!

What: This is a 3 day 8 way event where we will have 4 different 8 way groups and two coaches. Each group will jump with a different coach on day 1 and day 2, then on the third day we will organize an 8 way scrambles mini meet where you will be mixed with 6 other participants and one coach to create a team and compete against each other to crown THE MEGA 8 WAY CHAMPIONS!

The first two days of the event participants will be jumping with the same group focusing on fine tuning block technique, solidifying cross referencing, and nailing down the key process for the intermediate dive pool. Participants will have the opportunity to jump with both coaches to absorb as much as possible for the competition on Monday.

On days 1 and 2 of the event each participant can plan on making up to 6 jumps a day and the scrambles meet will be 4 rounds.

To be invited into this event you must have some previous 4 way or 8 way experience and/or have attended an 8 way skills workshop with Andrew or Doug. To confirm your slot you must submit a registration form and have an email approval from either Doug or Andrew and then pay the registration.

Who: Intermediate to advanced skydivers looking to learn or to Challenge their 8 way skills and knowledge.

Where and When:
Skydive Chicago June 26-28
*Please plan to be at the DZ by 8am on the first day and leave no earlier than 5pm on the last day, unless prior arrangements have been made with Andrew/Doug.

Cost per person: $225 registration plus $37 per jump. Costs include all organization and preparation, the participant’s slot, coach’s slot, videographer slot, coach’s pack job, videographer’s pack job, event shirt, and jump videos will be available after the event. *Jumps are based off a $27 slot at Sky Chicago *

$225 registration is due once you have received and approval email from either Doug or Andrew. Registration can be paid cash, paypal, venmo, or check by mail.

To sign up and for more details go to:

The event is finished.


Jun 26 - 28 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Skydive Chicago


SDC Rhythm XP

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