Release the Dragon Angle Camp

Hi everyone, summer is coming back and that means that the Summer Dragons will go out and play in the sky again!!!
This is the time for Skydive Chicago to RELEASE THE DRAGON!!! Yes, will be several days of angles, much learning, and the greatest fun. Get ready for The Power, The Style and The Moooooves!!! This is your opportunity to get warmed up and ready for Summerfest!!!
It’s going to be 4 days of Angles for 2 levels:
• Intro To Angles Skill Camp (Thursday/Friday)
• Intermediate/Advance Level Angle Camp (Saturday and Sunday)
Camps are a very efficient and fun way to learn and develop better skills in the sky in a safe environment (small groups and proper dive flows for the group experience level)!!!
– 4 days of camp: July 7th – 8th – 9th – 10th
– minimum 6 jumps per day (If weather is good)
– Mandatory camp briefing on Thursday at 8:30 AM (for Intro to Angles) and Saturday 9 AM (for Intermediate/Advanced)
– Every jump will have briefing and detailed video debriefing
– Organizers
1. Gian Franco Malinconi – Release The Dragon
2. More to be announced
INTRO TO ANGLES – 4 Participants + LO per group
July 7th – 8th (Thursday and Friday)
Registration fee: $190 for 2 days + your own jumps
Are you interested in angle flying? You don’t feel ready to go with bigger groups? The exits are always a problem for you? Do you feel that every time the formation goes away and there is nothing you can do to get closer?
The idea is to have a group of 3-4 people doing a minimum 5 or 6 jumps per day (depending on weather), learning the basics of angles (exits, body positions, slot flying, group dynamic and safe break off).
Minimum requirements to participate:
– More than 100 jumps
– Able to fly safely in groups of 5 and good tracking control.
– AAD available is mandatory
INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCE ANGLE CAMP – 5 Participants + LO per Group
July 9th – 10th (Saturday and Sunday)
Registration fee: $95 per person per day or $190 for 2 days + Your own jumps
Some turns and speeds are still too much for you? Do you want to learn how to fly tight and fast? Do you feel confident on your belly but weak on your back? Are you ready to be challenge with more dynamic dives? Do you want to start training to get to the big angle camps?
The idea is to have a group of 5-6 people doing minimum 5 or 6 jumps per day (depending on weather), We will work in several speeds, angles, turns and I will make sure that everyone do a little bit of everything. We will move into more challenging dives.
Depending on the skill levels of the group we can mix with freefly jumps, tubes or other fun jumps!!!
Minimum requirements to participate (please be honest with your current skill level):
– More than 300 jumps and been able to fly on your quadrant in belly at several speeds, turns and angles with a formation and be very proficient in break off. If you can fly Head Up also, even better!
– AAD available is mandatory
Step 1: please fill this registration form
To complete your registration, you must pay the registration fee:
– PAYMENT OPTION 1 – VENMO: You can send the registration fee to this account @consuelo-montserrat (Please use private option, friends and family and in the details just write: “Dragon Camp SDC”)
– PAYMENT OPTION 2 – CASH: You can pay with cash directly to me (I’ll be at SDC for the SSS Boogie and for the last HDWR tryout out) or give it to Consuelo Carmona at the DZ. You need to pay the registration fee before the event weekend to secure your spot.
– PAYMENT OPTION 2 – BURBLE: You can transfer the registration fee amount to my burble account at Skydive Chicago from your own account (look for Gian Franco Malinconi). Please send me a screenshot of the transaction and I will check on my side.
VERY IMPORTANT: Only people registered and paid will have a secure slot on the camp! Register fast before is sold out!!!
It’s time for The Power, The “Summer” Style and The Moooooves!!!
Release The Dragon – Summer Tour 2022
Gian Franco Malinconi Reyes
+ 10 years in the Sport
+ 8.300 jumps
+ 300 wind tunnel hours
Ratings: USPA Coach – AFF Instructor – Sigma Tandem Instructor – IBA Wind Tunnel Coach
Participant of vertical world record attempts and holder of several state records (for Head Down and Head Up formations)
Organizer in many big events in USA (Summerfest, Carolinafest, Independence Boogie, Winter Boogie and others)
Full Time Freefly&Angles Coach/Organizer at Skydive City (Winter-Spring Season)
4 Way VFS Competitor Team Vertical Dragons (Wind Tunnel) – 2 Gold Medals in Category Advanced
Founder of Release The Dragon
Professional Background: Industrial Engineer and Master in Business Administration

The event is finished.


Jul 07 - 10 2022


All Day

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