SDC MatriX MFS Scrambles Round 2

Wanna learn about MFS, do some fun and challenging jumps with your friends, and maybe even win some prizes while doing it??
SDC MatriX is hosting another fun and friendly Mixed Formation Skydiving competition over Labor Day Weekend!
Saturday September 2nd
Skydive Chicago
“Scrambles” means you will be paired with a different partner each round.
We’ll do 6 jumps, drawn from the MFS dive pool. We will add up your individual points from each round.
Prizes and bragging rights go to the top finishers.
Because the MFS camera flyer is always part of the team, and arguably the most challenging, yet rewarding position to fly, each participant will be required to shoot video for 1 or 2 of the rounds.
Advanced: must be able to take docks and be a safe and proficient flyer while Head Down, Head Up, on Belly, and Back. Also a willingness to rotate through the camera slot on some rounds.
Intermediate: must be able to take basic docks and have the ability to move and fly safely while Head Up, on Belly, and Back. Depending on the number of intermediate participants, we will likely use “inside video” for some rounds of judging, so a camera is highly encouraged for all intermediate participants.
There is $ZERO entry fee 😎 but we need you to fill out this short Google form.
Please only sign up if you KNOW you will be attending.
— Ability to safely fly and take docks Head Up (both divisions) and Head Down (Advanced only)
— Can hit the record button on your helmet-mounted camera. Be willing to fly outside video for 1-2 of the 6 rounds (Advanced division).
— AAD and freefly friendly rig
— Be available the entire day to finish all the rounds, allowing for potential weather holds throughout the day
— Good attitude and the ability to laugh at yourself. MFS is challenging and often quite funny!
Facebook Messenger: SDC MatriX
Instagram DM: @sdc_matrix

The event is finished.


Sep 02 2023


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