Skydive Chicago’s Summerfest 2021

Summerfest 2021 is coming!

You will NOT want to miss this celebration of both the boogie’s 20th anniversary PLUS making up for the lost 2020.

Every single year Summerfest includes a world-class list of organizers and epic evening entertainment. This year will be sure to blow you away.

We are still squaring away the details of this legendary event and we will keep you updated as The Boogie of Boogies gets closer.

Early Full Boogie Registration:
Open February 1, 2021 – June 23, 2021
(Includes FREE T-Shirt!)
$95.00 USD
Full Boogie Registration:
June 24, 2021 – Event Dates
$99.00 USD
Other Registrations:
Jumper Day Pass: $50.00/day USD
Non-Jumper Event: $40.00 USD
Children (10 and under) Event: $15.00 USD
Check out all the details at:


Jul 24 2021 - Aug 01 2021


All Day


Skydive Chicago


Skydive Chicago

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