The 100 Way Club

Dates: Aug 20-24 2022. This is a Saturday-Wednesday.
The Goal:
Make a 100-way! We have seen so many people working incredibly hard in the big way scene but many have yet to hit the triple digit mark and there hasnt been a 100 way in a couple year so we thought to ourselves “hey let’s make this happen!” If you are one of those that have been working their butts off in the big way community and want to complete a 100 way or you are a big way rock star and want another 100 way under your belt apply within! When we are successful we will plan alternative formations and sequentials.
This event is not a record attempt but will run in a similar fashion. We will complete a 100 way and applications will be vetted for success.
We are loaded up on the know-how! Doug Barron from All-American Big Ways and Christy Frikken from Fury Coaching are the chief organizers. We are bringing Craig Girard and Dan BC and Scott Latinis on board to complete our fantastic crew captains. Everyone is packing a positive attitude and heap of excitement to make this a fun, memorable, and safe event.
The media team will be brought to you again by Elliot Byrd of Byrd’s Eye Studio and his hand-selected staff. They will be sure to document and share all of the amazing from this great experience. Video and stills will be provided for each jump, as well ground shots and an incredible end-of-event video!
Price: $400 for registration plus $45 a per jump cost*. The first two days are 40-60 ways building up to three days of 100ways. All jumps are multiple aircraft with most being high altitude (16,500’ to 19,000’ AGL) with oxygen. Includes stills, videos, banquet, T-shirt, and 100-way patch (assuming we complete one!).
* The stated event price is based on fuel prices as of October 2021. If fuel prices increase significantly before the event, we may be forced to add a FUEL SURCHARGE to the price of the event.
Applicants should have experience with successful multiple plane formations. Ideally, you will have attended other All-American, P3, or big-way skill-building camps recently. Everyone must apply and you will receive a response from one of the Captains.
Start Time is 8:00am on August 20. Registration will be open 0730 you may also check in the days before the event. Day to day start times will be set during the camp.
Release Time is 5:00pm on August 24. Please arrange travel accordingly. If you leave early you will still be responsible for your slot.
If you have any questions please email us here!

The event is finished.


Aug 20 - 24 2022


All Day


Skydive Chicago


SDC Rhythm XP

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