5 Things you must know before booking your skydive

5 Things you must know before booking your skydive
  1. Not all drop zones are created equal.

We are not referencing the facilities the drop zone offers. Though, there are certain perks to visiting a drop zone with an internet café, pro shop, and overnight accommodations like we offer at Skydive Chicago.

It is more important to verify that a drop zone is an affiliate and member of the United States Parachute Association. The USPA is the only verified and FAA recognized group in the United States. What does it mean to be a part of the USPA? Well, drop zones that are USPA group members pledge to comply with the safety regulations put in place by the USPA.  Knowing whether a drop zone meets these requirements is a pretty pertinent part of being informed prior booking a skydive.

  1. Altitude matters/Aircraft matters

Altitude is the distance from the ground that you will exit the aircraft; the difference in freefall time of a jump from 10,000ft (40 seconds of freefall) and 13,000ft (60 seconds of freefall) is nothing to snuff at.  Not to mention, at Skydive Chicago, you can make a skydive from 20,000ft. This is the highest jump option in the Midwest! Furthermore, your ride to altitude can also make quite a difference. The fleet at Skydive Chicago is pretty impressive, and we can get you to altitude quicker than any other drop zone in the Midwest.

  1. Smile for the Camera

Honestly, for your first skydive, you should go ahead and spring for a photo and video package. The whole experience can seem to go by within the blink of an eye. If you want to hold on to a piece of your skydive forever, capture it properly! Skydive Chicago has plenty of options to help you memorialize it. We offer a Selfie package that contains photo of your freefall and canopy only, a professional video & photo package that contains your gearing up and pre-jump training, boarding the plane, in the plane, freefall, post jump/landing, and group shots. The video is 5-6 minutes 1080 HD video professionally edited to music, or the Ultimate option which contains both!


  1. There are certain restrictions

Skydiving is open to nearly everyone, and people from all walks of life, regions, and creeds. But, when it comes to a tandem skydive, there are certain requirements that must be met. In order to complete a tandem skydive, jumpers must be 18 years of age and under 250 lbs.

  1. Skydiving is an extreme sport.

At Skydive Chicago, we are fairly transparent about the nature of skydiving. As with any extreme sport, there are certain risks involved. However, we do everything we can to mitigate those risks. Skydive Chicago has some of the most closely maintained aircraft and tandem gear in the sport. As for your tandem instructor? S/he is hired only if they meet USPA requirements, are experienced skydivers, and have received proper certification by a USPA rated instructor/examiner. We take safety seriously, so you can relax and enjoy your jump!

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