What Is “AFP”? Is It For You?

How Is AFP Different?

The Advanced Freefall Program (AFP) at Skydive Chicago™ is just one more reason that Skydive Chicago is special in the best possible way…and we’re going to prove it to you! Check this out.

Skydive Chicago founder Roger Nelson — a total skydiving legend, by the way — developed AFP because he wanted better for his students than the available programs had to offer. He just didn’t see many competent, confident skydivers emerging from those programs, so he took it upon himself to reinvent the system.

In 1984, he did. Roger created the most progressive and complete solo skydiving certification curriculum in the skydiving world. It still is.

AFP doesn’t skimp on the details; instead, it gives additional breathing space to the material (18 levels vs. the standard 8), which greatly increases graduates’ ability to grow strong and excel across skydiving disciplines. A one-to-one instructor ratio puts each student in the care of a highly skilled mentor, and video of each jump is included for each level so the student has a ready reference for every performance tweak.

In the intervening three-decades-plus between then and now, AFP has continued to evolve. The AFP curriculum has inspired the United States Parachute Association’s baseline requirements for self-supervision. And AFP graduates regularly go on to claim National and World Championships.

Is AFP For You?

We’ll be honest: The Advanced Freefall Program (AFP) at Skydive Chicago™ isn’t for everybody. If your style is to check off the bare-minimum boxes, this full-featured skydiving education is highly unlikely to float your boat. There will be no hiding in the back of the classroom; no evading the subjects where you’re likely to see the most growth. AFP is for champions-in-training who want to maximize their educational experience, and that’s that.

Are There Pre-Requisites?

There sure are. Due to weight constraints on our equipment (which we strictly follow for student safety and to keep our top-shelf gear in perfect mechanical order), AFP students must weigh less than 240lbs in jumping clothes and shoes. Each student must complete at least two tandem jumps, one of which must be here at Skydive Chicago within six calendar months of AFP class. On the jump with us, each student will complete the objectives of the tandem progression. (We’ll be happy to review those with you in preparation.)

What If I Can’t Attend a Scheduled Class?

No worries. Since AFP is uniquely designed to be personalized to each student, we happily offer private courses. In fact, they’re free with the purchase of an A-License Package or our “A-License In A Week” package. Make sure you call 72 hours ahead so we can staff an instructor that’s a great fit for you.

What Are You Waiting For?

Call 815-433-0000 or info@skydivechicago.com to sign up. We’re looking forward to seeing you join the ranks of our truly magnificent graduates!

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