What to Wear For the First Time Skydiving

You have a festive occasion on the calendar. You’ll be the center of attention, plenty of eyes and cameras will be trained on you–and you’ll be falling at a hundred and twenty miles an hour, more or less, for the most important part of the shindig. What, pray tell, will you wear?

Lots of folks are flummoxed by that particular question. After all, this is going to be the first time you’ve subjected your wardrobe to this kind of environment. What’s the best way to go about it? Luckily, we’re here to help. There is a best way to dress for first time skydiving. It’ll keep you comfortable, protected and able to move freely when you really need to be comfortable, protected and able to move freely. Here’s what to pick!

1. The right shoes

Wearing the right shoes for your first skydive is such an important thing. The right pair is comfortable, supportive and sporty enough that you could sprint down the block in them. Definitely choose a pair that laces up tightly–and check that they’re nice and snug before you board the plane. (Freefall loves to pull loose shoes from unwary feet, that big ol’ trickster.) Definitely do not wear heels or any footwear with hooks to hold the laces.

wear thin layers first time skydiving

2. Thin layers

Surprise science lesson! Due to the atmospheric phenomenon scientists call “lapse rate,” the temperatures up at altitude hang around about thirty degrees lower at altitude than they do on the ground. Even in summertime, the difference is (sometimes relievingly) noticeable; in wintertime, it can be cold up there. On a first-time tandem skydive, your adrenaline is likely to be pumping so hard that you won’t feel the chill. That said: do yourself a favor and choose the best skydiving clothing to wrap yourself up right.

The solution might surprise you, because it’s not a big, puffy winter coat. It’s simple: thin layers! When you’re choosing skydiving clothing it’s best to eschew one thick layer for several thin ones. It’s almost magic how much warm air thin layers sock away between them, so you’ll be significantly comfier and you’ll feel much freer up there.

Another pro tip: Choose long layers, not short sleeves and shorts. That’ll keep your skin protected from both the cold air and the strong sun a-way up there, no matter what season it happens to be.

3. Simple stuff

Here’s the litmus test: If part of your outfit would flap around if you were to stand in front of a fan, pick something else. Your best bet is to choose clothing without fancy details because those bits have a tendency to whack around painfully and/or tie in unreleasable knots in freefall.

Along those lines: Jewelry is a big nope. Just leave it at home, lest it be stolen from you by the grabby hands of freefall. Glasses, however, are not such a no-no. If you wear them, we can easily provide you with goggles to fit over them, but bring Croakies to keep them firmly on your face.

wear a jump suit first time skydiving

4. One of our jumpsuits

Craving even more comfort and protection for your first-time skydiving adventure? We very literally have you covered. Just borrow one of our skydiving jumpsuits, pop it right on over your clothes and go about your freefallin’ business. It’s not the dorky thing to do; it’s actually über-pro: You’ll notice that most solo skydivers choose to wear jumpsuits to protect their own clothing against dirt and damage.

how old to skydive

5. An outfit for afterward

Here’s some more information you need to know: You’re probably going to sweat. (This is a sport, remember?) If your aprés jump plans include going someplace that you wouldn’t happily walk into right from the gym, you’ll be happy you brought a change. We have a shower house, too, if you want to get seriously fresh.

While you’re at it, bring a swimsuit and a towel to splash around in our swimming hole, your volleyball togs and your lucky ultimate frisbee underpants. We have the facilities for you to rock it all.

6. Clothes for tryin’ out a new sport!

Here’s the upshot: When you’re picking out an outfit for your first tandem skydive, remember: When you make that jump, you’ll be trying out a new sport, so you’ll want to pick out some good-looking clothes that are comfortable, flexible and layerable. If you take those simple suggestions, you’ll have a comfy jump no matter what the weather — and you’ll be accessorizing with the biggest smile of your life!

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