What To Know About Booking a Group Skydive at Skydive Chicago

Group skydiving is probably the best way to cement your group’s special bond, whatever that group may be — and Skydive Chicago, a beautiful skydiving resort located on the historic Fox River, is just the place to do it! We’ve been hosting the world’s best group skydiving adventures right here in the Chicago area for decades, so we have the experience, the facilities and the staff to make your group’s freefall fun truly unforgettable. (We have the ability to accommodate up to 250 first time jumpers in a single day!) The best part: We’re here and ready to help you set it up!

Booking a big group for anything can feel a little bit — well — burdensome. We get it! To assist, we’ve done our best to start you off on the right foot.

Do I need reservations for my group?

Yep! In order to help us know what we’ll need to organize for you in terms of personnel and aircraft, group skydiving reservations are pretty much a necessity. (That’s especially true on the weekends, which tends to book up well ahead of time, especially in the summer months.)

While we’re able to squeeze in unscheduled tandems that trickle in without previously set reservations, that’s essentially impossible when we’re talkin’ big groups. For groups of more than 10, we need you to give us at least a week’s worth of warning; for more than 30, we need a two-week lead time.

offer group rates skydive chicago

Do you offer group skydiving rates?

Absolutely! For groups of 10 to 19 people, everyone saves $20 off the individual rate, lowering the cost to $189 a person — and you, as organizer, only pay $169! For groups of 20-29 or more, the group organizer’s rate goes down to $149. If you’re a group organizer lucky enough to be wrangling a group of 30 or more, we’ll be happy to present you with a complimentary skydive. (Free freefall! Woo!)

What if some members of my group don’t want to jump?

No problem! We can set up “Observer Rides” in the aircraft for any guests who prefer not to jump. The view of Illinois from up there is truly worth the trip!

Will there be a wait?

Even with a reservation, skydiving is a weather-dependent, variable-rich environment that definitely includes some waiting on the ground. No matter what, plan to spend at least half of your day with us so you can relax and enjoy the experience. At Skydive Chicago, however, the wait is great, too!

what happens when were not skydiving

What happens when we’re not skydiving?

Skydive Chicago boasts an on-site restaurant and many other amenities and activities: a swimming pond, a tiki bar, bonfire areas, a sand volleyball court, a party pavilion and a disk golf course.

You can even turn your group skydiving adventure into a weekend of fun by spending the night in our idyllic riverside cabins or campground. Prefer a hotel? No problem. We can help you set up nearby accommodation at a discount.

What’s special about group skydiving at Skydive Chicago?

We know how challenging it can be to organize a big group, and we want you to enjoy your experience, too! That’s why our group outings come with dedicated Event Ambassadors that’ll be on hand to work with your group all day. We can set your group up in reserved, shaded seating — even accommodate you in private rooms with catered food and bevvies to relish while you watch your freshly minted skydiving videos.

Call or email us today and let one of our Group Sales Specialists help to customize an event for you!

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