Top Five Advantages of Learning to Skydive at Skydive Chicago

Not all skydiving centers are created equal, and often, first-time skydivers don’t know what to expect. With the time commitment and financial investment that come with learning to skydive, you want to make sure you get what you are paying for. Sometimes success is predicated on the environment you find yourself in. We bet you want a world class facility, state of the art equipment, and the most bang for your buck? Think you can’t find a place that offers everything you need to succeed?

Well, it just so happens that at Skydive Chicago, our aim is to help facilitate first-time skydivers on your journey to earn your license any way we can. Ultimately, learning to skydive at Skydive Chicago has tons of advantages, more so than most places in the world or the region. Don’t just take our word for it; we’re going to put our money where our mouth is and share with you the top 5 Advantages of Learning to Skydive at Skydive Chicago.

A Full Comprehensive Program

After your tandem skydive, the next step is to seek licensure. At Skydive Chicago we offer a program called the Advanced Freefall Program. This program is exclusive to Skydive Chicago. Developed in 1984 by Roger Nelson, AFP has become the most modern curriculum used in the skydiving industry today. Through AFP, skydivers learn a number of skills that ultimately lead them to be more competent, and thus, confident skydivers.

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Get Certified in a Week

We know how valuable your time is. This is one of the reasons we offer the opportunity to schedule to earn your A License in a week. Dedicate a full week to us, and we will do our best to return your investment and get you certified. Keep in mind, though, everyone learns at a different pace and weather can affect the time frame. Still, imagine a fast track to your A License, learning everything you need. A shortened timeline doesn’t mean you are short changed, you will still receive plenty of instruction and some sweet extras. We cover flight planning, altitude awareness, freefall body position, deployment procedures, canopy flight, and equipment instruction and packing. Oh and you will receive a video of your jump included for each level with a copy provided to you on a USB, and personalized video debriefing.

Coziest DZ Around

There’s no place like home. Except, a close second could be Skydive Chicago.

At Skydive Chicago, go ahead and make yourself comfy because we are just shy of being considered a skydiving resort. We offer our students and first-time skydivers unparalleled facilities. Check this: Hungry from a day of jumping? Well, we have a full-service café. Don’t want to bake in the sun? Good thing we have lots of shaded seating. Trying to stay a while? We have an RV park if you have you your own turtle shell and if you don’t, we have cabins for rent. Down for a few drinks when the day is done? We have a tiki bar. All about your fitness? There’s a gym! We have a gear store when you’re ready to start looking for your own gear. Oh, and the pièce de résistance that no one can deny appreciating? We’ve got some seriously clean bathrooms. No other skydiving facility offers all this in one spot.

In addition to this, our jumpers get to altitude in style. We have a fleet of turbine aircraft with props ready and waiting to get you in the air.  Once, you are licensed you can take advantage of the fact that we also regularly bring in helicopters, hot air balloons, and aerobatic planes.

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If this doesn’t impress you, we’ll make it more applicable to your student experience. When you’re learning and just beginning to get your bearings under canopy, it helps to have some leeway, and we’ve got you covered. Lucky us, we have a large grassy landing area with tendrils extending in every direction. Slip up on your landing pattern? No problem!

A Little Midwestern Oasis

Every now and again we need to step away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday. Take a break from the city, and join us on our private property. Nestled in nature, you’ll find yourself breathing a little easier. Skydiving offers solace and so do our surroundings. After a nice full day of jumping, enjoy a few laps splashing around the swimming pond.

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Continuing Education Opportunities

Becoming a great skydiver begins with your A License, but it certainly doesn’t end with it. Once you learn to skydive, there are a plethora of opportunities to keep the ball rolling. We have tons of camps and one-on-one coaching opportunities. At Skydive Chicago, we want you to be a part of the community. Just check out all the events we have!

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Ready to take advantage of all we offer? Schedule with us today!

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