5 Reasons to Give Life’s Best Adventure

Life on the Third Coast has numerous perks that keeps our land-locked neighbor states green with envy, but our long … harsh … dark Winter isn’t one of them. One way to put a bit of pep in a loved one’s step is to give them something to look forward to when the breeze turns sweet and skies are blue.

At Skydive Chicago, we happen to know that there’s no better feeling than starting the New Year than with life’s best adventure in your back pocket. Here are just five of the reasons your gift of a skydive will change Silent Night into DYNO-MITE!

1. Maximal Empowerment

There is nothing – as in, literally, no single thing – that feels like skydiving. The massive sense of accomplishment, the soul-nourishing surge of inspiration, the enormous, overwhelming, life-changingly awesome feeling of empowerment you gain cannot be achieved any other way.

It may feel like a significant investment for a relatively quick experience, but when you consider the mental, emotional and spiritual impact skydiving can have, it’s 100% worth it. If cost is a barrier to entry, make sure you take advantage of Skydive Chicago’s Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale.

skydive with skydive chicago

2. Mega Wow Factor

What’s more delightful than the unexpected? Be sure to have your smartphone ready and your hashtags prepped when it’s time to open your gift because the reaction is going to be social media gold. BOOM. (And don’t forget #skydivechicago )

3. Dream Come True

Ye Olde Bucket List shouldn’t be filled with the unattainable. Give your special someone a ticket to LET’S DO THIS and Make. Magic. Happen. Not only will you make the impossible totally possible, it’ll keep you on the Nice List at least until next holiday season.

skydiving with skydive chicago

4. The Experience

Boring socks, ugly sweaters and a laundry list of well-intentioned no-really-you-shouldn’t-haves have given way to a whole new chapter in the gift-giving playbook. Whether you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for the person who has everything or the one who swears they want nothing, the gift of The Experience is your new best friend.

5. Release & Relief

Every individual has their own motivation for wanting to skydive. For some it’s the pure thrill of the adventure; for a whole lot of others, it’s the need to let go of heavy burden. There’s something intensely cathartic about leaving your worries in the wind. People often cite a feeling of release and a sense of tremendous relief after landing on terra firma. Everyone’s journey through the sky is different.

Now that you know the score, get after it! Book now – the countdown is officially on …

Happy Holidays to all, and to all Blue Skies!

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