6 Amazing Reasons Why A Skydive Makes a Great Gift

As Christmas Day draws closer, you may still be in search of that unique gift that goes beyond the norm. A skydive fits that description and adds massive experiential value. If you’re of the mindset that we all have too much stuff (and don’t need more of it), and wish to gift a life experience, then this is the ultimate gift that will have them talking!

1. A Big Reaction

The gift, we as gift-givers receive is the reaction from the recipient. We always hope for that look of surprise and delight when they behold what you’ve given them. If you’re wishing for a big-time response, a skydive will deliver!



2. Big Excitement

You know you’ve hit a chord when the recipient is calling friends and posting photos of the gift certificate to Instagram. It’s all they’ll be talking about for days!



3. The Anticipation

This is something that many people don’t account for…the continuous reminders of the pending skydive in the form of a sudden rush of butterflies that hit the abdomen at random times throughout the day. The gift of a skydive doesn’t go on a shelf or in a drawer to be forgotten. This gift remains in the back of the mind and the anticipation of the skydive makes this gift visceral and alive!


4. The Skydive Itself!

After the initial excitement and anticipation comes JUMP DAY! A day that combines nervousness, fear, excitement and empowerment all at once! Can there be a greater gift than exiting an aircraft at 13,000 feet and loving it?!!  The beauty of this part of the gift is people discover that the scariest part of the skydive is the unknown putting the brain in overdrive. The physical part of the skydive – the act of free falling at 120mph is not nearly as scary as we thought – instead it’s one of the most thrilling, exciting things humanly possible as evidenced by what we hear in our landing area every day with exclamations like:


This is where the realization sets in: you gave them one of the greatest gifts… ever as they’ll never forget this experience!

5. An Unexpected Gift

One of the best aspects of the skydive is the unexpected feelings that come with the adventure. One of these feelings is peace and extreme happiness that makes the experience feel euphoric and to some, even spiritual.

All of us carry burdens of some kind. During a skydive, there is a respite from those things that weigh on our hearts and minds. Instead, we are living wholly in the moment. Nothing else matters. Follow that with a natural cocktail of adrenaline and serotonin and we will feel a level of happiness that’s seldom felt.

The gift of a skydive isn’t the adventure, it’s how it makes us feel. You’ll be glowing!


6. Post Jump

Perhaps the greatest aspect of a skydive is the question the activity conjures. Are we living our best lives?

A skydive wakes one up from the slumber of the daily grind and that maybe the greatest gift of all!

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