The Empowerment Of Mom

It’s May, let’s talk about the empowerment of Mom! In a year where the women’s movement has found solid footing, the definition of being a mom has profoundly changed in recent decades.

Empowered Moms

Centuries of responsibility with no autonomy defined the role of women and more importantly the tightly defined role of the mother. Those narrow stereotypes are at last being thoroughly challenged and have changed dramatically in a few short years. For many women, being a mom is just one aspect of defining themselves. Women are empowered to pursue their passions in work and play. Women’s leadership roles in the workplace are slowly and surely growing. True, the growth has been slow because change is hard for entrenched social norms. Thankfully, perhaps due to empowered moms, the rising young adult generation is more open and inclusive for all. The attitude toward motherhood has expanded, and the sky’s the limit. Literally!

The Changing Culture of Women In Skydiving

Where this change is very apparent is in the skydiving industry. Historically, skydiving has been a male-dominated sport. Generally, the only women around drop zones were predominantly young college age daredevil tandem students or the rare determined women athletes. Today women have a substantial stake in the skydiving industry, and the culture at most dropzones is finally changing. It is no longer unusual to see women of all ages achieving expertise in the many aspects of skydiving.

Empowerment Of Mom | Skydive Chicago

Moms Are Setting Incredible Examples

Here at Skydive Chicago, we pride ourselves on our open and inclusive dropzone. We see all ages of women taking their first jump. There is no doubt that skydiving is empowering, and watching anyone overcome their perceived limits is the biggest thrill for our dedicated staff.  The best part is the example these moms are setting for their kids. Gifting your children with a can-do attitude about meeting your fears and reaching beyond what you thought possible is a remarkable legacy! The empowerment of that first jump often turns on the drive to push beyond self-perceived limits. Even better is the increase in the number of women who decide to become licensed skydivers!  At Skydive Chicago we are passionate about sharing our love for this sport. We are so happy to see the old ideas and strictures fading into the past. Most especially we welcome families of all walks of life to experience the good that comes from achieving goals and reaching for your dreams.

Celebrate Mother’s Day May 11th &12th With A Tandem Skydive Discount

This Mother’s Day, Skydive Chicago wishes to honor the strength and resilience of the moms out there for giving love and support to their families. We are offering our Mother’s Day Special of $25.00 off a tandem skydive (for mom and any family members jumping with her) on May 11th and 12th. We think that’s a pretty awesome way to thank a mom for always going above and beyond! To capitalize on this promotion, use promo code ‘adventuremom‘ at checkout via our online bookings program

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