Service Industry, We See You.

We see your long hours, your tired feet, your infinite patience. We know about the poor tippers, short staff, the grueling hours and the weeks without a day off. We get it, working for the public is hard. Being a part of the service industry is tough work. There are good days and bad days, dealing with the public is sometimes uplifting, often heartbreaking.

Seeing the same customers day in a day out is both good and bad, the boredom of the same-old-same-old balanced by the goodness of having a tribe. The upside is the opportunity to make someone smile, the simple act of treating a customer with kindness makes the world a better place. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the gumption to stay positive.

But we see you.

Working in the service industry is not just a means to support yourself. In many instances, it is a passion or a calling. Getting up every day to serve the public takes fortitude, and we see your dedication and determination.

Many of you are saving lives, helping the less fortunate, feeding the hungry while balancing care for family and friends. Some of you are working second jobs that leave you unfulfilled but able to pay the bills.

We see you.

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Some of you are in school finishing a degree and working part-time jobs in the service industry. We know your struggles to show up to the job you don’t love to attain that degree so you can work in your chosen field. We also see your need for adventure. We understand your weary soul, and we want to help.

We see you.

We believe everyone has a dream to reach beyond the everyday. Many service industry jobs offer zero benefits or vacation, but everyone at some point needs a break.  Taking time from a regular routine can provide a fresh perspective. Having a new outlook can do wonders for dealing with your job and having the patience to carry on.

Skydive Chicago honors what it takes to show up every day to perform your job and to succeed in meeting and exceeding your work goals. We know that working for the almighty dollar is not enough, you need something to stretch your imagination, something that gives you joy. We think we have just the adventure you need to flex those creative muscles and provide you with headspace to let those dreams fly!

Skydive Chicago is offering a special day just for Service Industry folks to say thanks for the hard work you do. Service Industry Day is scheduled for Monday, May 20th. Guests using the promo code ‘serviceindustry’ at checkout will receive a discount of $30 OFF.  Whether you are a first-time tandem skydiver or experienced fun jumper, we have a great discount just for you.

Come to Skydive Chicago and treat your weary soul to the experience of a lifetime.  Grab your May 20th reservation here.

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