A Father’s Day Like No Other

Father’s Day is a special kind of celebration and a chance to acknowledge the importance of your dad. Fathers play so many different roles these days and come from all walks of life. Your dad may or may not be biological, but he is family. Grandfathers, uncles, teachers or a family friend may have stepped in to offer the dad card for you. No matter who you consider the dad in your life June 16th is a day to honor that relationship.


We Have Great Gift Ideas

This year how about making Father’s Day an EPIC event? No need to buy another boring tie or barbecue fork, and especially none of that tired old aftershave. We know exactly how to win the prize for the greatest Father’s Day gift EVER. This year you can up your gifting game, in fact, why not take it up to 13,000 feet with a skydive? This year you can create a lifelong memory and SAVE $25 per person while doing it! Book online and use promo codejumpwithdad‘ to save!

A Father’s Day Like No Other

Mark Your Calendar

Maybe your father has always wanted to try skydiving, or perhaps you are a fun jumper wishing to share your love of skydiving with your dad. On the flip side is you might be a dad wanting to share skydiving with your kids. Lucky for you we have the perfect reason to get the siblings together to plan this awesome family event. Imagine the shared excitement and anticipation of having this date on the calendar! Besides, what could be more dad oriented than specialized gear, goggles, and airplanes? Skydive Chicago has ample room for everyone in the family to join in the festivities. Our drop zone offers plenty of spectator space, and you can even make a weekend of it if you wish to book a cabin or camping space. Check out the Eat Up Cafe, or pack a picnic for the whole crowd. Be sure to bring your swimsuits to have some fun in our swimming pond. We have plenty of options to celebrate a successful Father’s Day jump! Skydiving with your dad is a tremendous opportunity to share something unique with the whole family while making memories to last a lifetime.

Our Special Father’s Day Offer

Skydive Chicago is offering our Father’s Day Special for Sunday, June 16th. Dad’s who jump with their 18 and over kids receive $25 OFF  for each skydiver. What better way to spend family time than leaping out of a perfectly good airplane? Use promo code ‘jumpwithdad’ and book your reservations today.

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