100 Years and still skydiving

Louise Wise

Louise Wise made her first jump 6 years ago on her 94th birthday. What better reason than to make another for her 100th? Just to show how motivated she was, she originally scheduled her jump back in early May, but Spring time had other plans than blue skies for weather! Returning this time with friends and family (who also jumped with her) Louise had a blast as she left the plane at 13,500 feet! She enjoyed every moment and can’t wait to return for yet another skydive!

louise wise
Louise boards her plane to make her skydive

Ryan Risky with WHBF also visited Skydive Chicago to document her journey in skydiving. While Ryan did not think he would be interested at this time, after seeing Louise conquer the skydive, he was feeling very optimistic.

Louise Wise
Louise Wise makes her 2nd skydive while celebrating her 100th birthday

See the link below to watch her journey on the ground, in the sky and post skydive!

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