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We’re very flattered (and honored) that our private airfield located 90 miles west of Chicago, nestled next to the Fox River in Ottawa, Illinois, has been dubbed in the skydiving community as the Mecca of Skydiving. Wikipedia even refers to us as the ‘Skydive Chicago Resort.’ So what makes Skydive Chicago a Mecca and Resort? Well, we may be biased, but let’s get to know each other and you can decide for yourself. 

Skydive Chicago's main hangar facility, Ottawa, IL

Skydive Chicago’s Mission

It would be remiss for us not to start with our Mission Statement. This is our guiding light to how we conduct our operations and gives light to who we are as a business: 

Skydive Chicago’s team is dedicated to excellence in customer service, facilities, and safety. Setting the standard through an evolving culture where goals become achievements, moments become memories, and friendships last forever. 

Rookiefest at Skydive Chicago

The Skydive Chicago Airport & Facilities

For our aviation enthusiasts, our airport identifier is 8N2 (like Chicago’s Midway Airport ‘MDW’ and O’hare ‘ORD’, we have our own unique code as well). Skydive Chicago has a main building 46,000 square feet where we conduct our operations. It houses our main office called Manifest, a cafe, pro shop, rigging loft, bathrooms, lounge, covered packing for skydivers, training rooms, team rooms, offices, and an Auditorium where we conduct awards ceremonies and hold special events. There are also plenty of spaces for spectators to watch as well. 

On the airport is also a campground with full hookups, cabins, and tent camping with a shower house. There is also a swimming pond, tiki hut that serves drinks and food, and a gym.*

Skydive Chicago's grounds at Ottawa, IL

Our Aircraft

We boast the largest skydiving aircraft fleet in the Midwest. What does that mean? We conduct a lot of skydives, host large events such as World Meets, Nationals, and event World Records. Here is our fleet: 

3 Twin Otters (23 jumper capacity)

2 Skyvans (22 jumper capacity)

3 Caravans (11 jumper capacity

…and 1 Cessna 182 (4 jumper capacity used for special events such as demonstration jumps). 

The fleet of aircraft at Skydive Chicago

The Training

From the founder to now, the Skydive Chicago method is to go beyond industry standard, that ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough. It is ‘to set the standard.’ From the tandem program to learning to skydive to the events, to facilities, etc, we train skydivers to become their best. 

Discover more about learning to become a skydiver with us HERE

Skydive Chicago doesn’t just put on an event, we deliver an unforgettable experience! We offer events for rookies to competitors to world record chasers to exotic boogies in other countries, and more. We truly believe that events are a way to meet other like-minded skydivers, enhance your skills, and leave feeling inspired. 

The Community

Skydiving is a unique sport with an even more eclectic group of people that have made skydiving a passion and for some, a career. Skydivers bond in a way like no other (well, maybe like other extreme sports ;). Many say, “We go for skydiving, but stay for the people.” Skydivers are fun, free-spirited, adaptable, creative, supportive, and engaging. 

Skydive Chicago isn’t like many other skydiving centers. It is a business built solely for the purpose of skydiving and the community. We truly love what we do and to share it with the world. We know, we’re biased. We love it here. We know skydiving isn’t for everyone, but you never know unless you try. And we’d love for you to give us a go for your skydiving experience!


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