Skydiving Tipping Etiquette

Appreciating Your Instructors Above the Clouds

Skydiving is not only an exhilarating adventure but also an experience often facilitated by skilled instructors who ensure your safety and guide you through every step of the journey. As with many service-based industries, tipping is a common practice in skydiving to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of these professionals. However, understanding the tipping etiquette in skydiving can sometimes be unclear for participants. Let’s explore some guidelines to help you navigate tipping your skydiving instructors:

Walking out to the plane for a tandem jump at Skydive Chicago

  • Tipping is a gesture of gratitude for exceptional service provided by your skydiving instructors. If you had a positive experience and felt well taken care of during your jump, consider showing your appreciation through a tip.
  • Skydiving involves various levels of instruction and interaction, from tandem jumps where you’re harnessed to an instructor, to solo jumps with guidance from an instructor in air and on the ground, and/or a videographer who skillfully captures your experience. The level of personal interaction and assistance you receive may influence your decision to tip.
  • There is no strict rule for how much to tip skydiving instructors, but a common guideline is to consider tipping around 10-20% of the cost of your jump.

  • For a tandem skydive, where you’re paired with an instructor who accompanies you during the jump, a tip of $20-$50 per person is generally considered appropriate, depending on the quality of service and your overall satisfaction.

  • For solo jumps with ground instruction, tipping may be less customary, but if you received exceptional guidance and support from your instructor, consider offering a tip as a token of appreciation.
Tandem jump student high fiving their instructor after their skydive at Skydive Chicago

  • Tipping is not just about the monetary value; it’s also an opportunity to express your gratitude verbally. Take a moment to thank your instructors personally for their expertise, professionalism, and ensuring a safe and memorable experience.

  • Another way is to leave a review to rave about your experience as well, from your instructors, the facilities, and/or the entire experience. 
  • If you’re jumping as part of a group, consider pooling tips together to show collective appreciation for the entire team of instructors who contributed to your group’s experience.
Tipping is a gesture of gratitude for exceptional service provided by your skydiving instructors. Here, tandem first jump students are stoked to jump at Skydive Chicago!

  • While tipping is customary in skydiving, it’s essential to assess the situation and your overall experience before deciding to tip. If you encountered any issues or felt dissatisfied with the service provided, it’s acceptable not to tip. 

  • If you do have an experience that doesn’t live up to the Skydive Chicago reputation, be sure to check in at the Manifest office so we can help make the situation right. 

Tipping etiquette in skydiving is a way to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of your instructors who play a crucial role in ensuring your safety and enjoyment during the jump. While there are no strict rules for tipping amounts, expressing your appreciation through a tip is a gesture of gratitude for exceptional service. Remember, tipping is voluntary, and the most important thing is to show genuine appreciation for the professionals who helped make your skydiving experience unforgettable.


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