Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Tandem Skydiving

We’re stoked you’re here! Reading this means you’re closer to jumping from a plane! We admire you for doing your diligence and are here to help welcome you to this incredible sport by answering the top 5 frequently asked questions about tandem skydiving. Well, let’s dive in!

What To Wear?

Skydiving is a high speed sport that requires a bit of mobility. We suggest dressing for the day (meaning if it’s chilly, layer up, if it’s warm, lighter weight clothes). Wear non-restrive clothes such as: 

  • cargo pants
  • Jeggings / Leggings
  • Athletic wear
  • Closed toe shoes
    • No boots, sandals, heels or shoes with hooks

If you have long hair, we recommend wearing it up or back such as french braids. 

Simply put, dress casually as if you’re going for a hike or to the gym. 

first time skydivers posing for their picture at skydive chicago

Can I Bring My GoPro or Cell Phone?

We’re bummed to report… No outside cameras of any kind, including cell phones may be brought on a tandem skydive. Why? Well, our national organization, the United States Parachute Association recommends licensed skydivers with a minimum of 200 jumps and proper training may be allowed to jump a camera because of the additional risks. 

So, for safety reasons, Skydive Chicago® offers packages to suit your budget! All videos include pre-jump interviews, capturing gearing up, walking to the plane, the ascent to altitude, exit, freefall and landing (some packages include capturing the parachute opening) and are edited to music. All media is high resolution and will be emailed the same day!

Trust us, it’s worth it. The biggest regret we hear from guests are those that don’t get the video package regret it. It’s a small investment to relive and share such an incredible experience!

outside camera media options for first jump tandem skydiving at skydive chicago

Health Requirements to Skydive

This is a great and important question! It’s a broad question that covers a few things. We’ll cover the basics of the tandem skydiving weight limit, skydiving age requirements, if you can skydive with glasses or contacts, and overall physical health. 

Skydive Chicago’s policy for first time tandem students must weigh less than 250 pounds and properly fit in the harness. Since this is a serious safety concern, weight is verified by the office team upon check in. 

The fit of the tandem student harness is also a critical component to the skydive. Therefore the weight limit is merely a guide. In rare cases, some students under the weight limit may not be able to conduct a tandem skydive if the harness does not fit properly. The instructor will make the final determination. 

Minimum: 18 years of age, regardless of parental consent
Maximum: Although there is no maximum age, there are minimal physical requirements 

At Skydive Chicago, we require a valid photo ID (ie: drivers license, state ID, or passport) to make a tandem skydive. Unfortunately, if you do not have a photo ID, we cannot allow you to jump. 

weight limits for tandem skydiving at skydive chicago

It’s absolutely fine to wear either your prescription glasses or contacts to skydive. Please note this on any paperwork and let your instructor know so they may provide you the proper goggles to wear over your glasses or goggles that have less ventilation for those that have contacts. 

Although minimal, the physical requirements require the ability to walk up steps, squat to sit and kneel in the plane, be comfortable to sit in the intimate environment of the aircraft, and lift your legs for landing. 

However, we have taken guests with various abilities. If you have a special requirement, please call us to discuss. If you have a special medical concern, then contact your doctor as we may require written consent to participate in skydiving activities.

tandem first jump pair descends under canopy at skydive chicago

Can I Solo For My First Skydive?

Skydive Chicago® has developed a comprehensive skydive training program [Advanced Freefall Program (AFP)] that is geared towards earning the first basic license. This program begins with two training tandem jumps (meaning you’re given tasks to become oriented to skydive training and develop procedures and awareness).

After completing and passing the tandem training objectives, there is an online ground training course to transition to jumping solo. This framework of starting tandem helps excel the learning into solo skydive training. 

Is Skydiving Safe?

Skydiving is like many other extreme sports: there are inherent risks that require careful training and execution. Failure to follow that training can lead to serious injury or death. 

The national organization, the United States Parachute Association [USPA] published that in 2021, the annual fatality count hit a record low of 10. The tandem skydiving fatality rate is one student fatality per 500,000 jumps on average over the past 10 years. 

Ok! Did we answer all of your questions? If not click HERE to find more questions answered on our FAQ page. But if you feel ready, let’s book your tandem skydive now!


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