What Is A Skydiving Boogie

The Thrill of Skydiving Boogies: What They Are & Who Can Go to One

Skydiving isn’t just a sport; it’s a culture, a community, and for many, a lifestyle. Skydiving has its own language where an outsider would be curious to hear lingo like “boogie.” Skydivers would smile, knowing that a boogie is a term for a large skydiving event, where a skydiving center comes alive with the gathering of unique airplanes, world-class skydivers, and fun nightly activities where most, have life-changing experiences and fall in love with skydiving even more.

skydivers fist bump and handshake before exiting the plane at skydive chicago during the Summerfest Boogie

If you were to look up the word boogie, you might feel a slight flashback to the 70s thinking of a disco night. The dictionary even says that a boogie is to dance fast to pop or rock music – boogie down. However, the simplest explanation from is that it is “a gathering of skydivers, usually focused on fun rather than competition.”

For those immersed in this world, will eventually discover a skydiving boogie. A skydiving boogie is a gathering of licensed skydivers from all corners of the globe, coming together to celebrate their shared passion of skydiving. These events typically span several days and feature a jam-packed schedule of jumps, festivities, and camaraderie. 

Skydive Chicago is well-known for it’s blockbuster events from Freedom Fest to Rookie Fest to the Mecca of all boogies at Skydive Chicago… Summerfest! For over 20 years, this flagship event has been drawing skydivers from far and wide to the rural landscape of Ottawa, IL.

Summerfest boogie participants pose in front of the event logo at Skydive Chicago

Summerfest is more than just a boogie—it’s a skydiving extravaganza. Held annually at the end of July/August, this week-long event features a star list of athletes to jump with other licensed jumpers in a disciplines, in all skill levels from relative work, freefly, angle flying, flocking, XRW, novelty jumps, and more! 

It may sound intimidating to be around world-class skydivers, but skydiving is probably one of the few sports where world-class skydivers are the most inclusive welcoming newer jumpers into the community and onto fun skydives.

Rookiefest at Skydive Chicago

But perhaps the most iconic aspect of any boogie, camp or event at Skydive Chicago, is the sense of community it fosters. As skydivers from across the globe converge on Skydive Chicago’s world-class facilities, bonds are formed, friendships are forged, and memories are made that will last a lifetime. 

Not a skydiver (yet)? You can still enjoy the experience and excitement of a boogie by making a tandem skydive. You’ll share a ride in the plane with all the other attendees (and maybe you’re friends joining in on their first skydives). And who knows, you might be sitting next to a world champion skydiver!

Don’t miss out on being a part of the next boogie. Click below to discover how you can make your first jump today!


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