SDC Summerfest Guide

SDC Summerfest began in the year 2000 and has been building momentum and growing strong ever since. The ultimate skydiving boogie that draws in jumpers from all over the world to experience world class organizers, a massive lift capacity, the top notch facilities to house such an event, and the legendary nightly activities. Here, we share the top tips on how to SDC Summerfest!!
Note: This event is for registered, licensed skydivers only.

Veteran SDC Summerfesters Tips

We seriously couldn’t have put a list better than this from our Canadian SDC SF organizers who agreed to let us share the wisdom on SDC Summerfesting!

SDC Summerfest Packing List

Although not entirely complete, here’s a start to building out your SDC Summerfest packing list (also ensuring gear is in date, meets the FAA Rigger Repack Cycle, is TSO’d, etc.)

Important Links

Here are the most commonly used links regarding SDC Summerfest!


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