Cloud Games

Let’s get this 2021 Competition season started!!
Skydiving Chicago, in partnership with your local dropzone, is bringing back the only remote skydiving competition and expanding it world-wide! Formerly named Skydive Nationals 2.0, the Cloud Games are back and bigger than ever including dropzones around the world.

Our goal is to allow teams the opportunity to compete without the concerns and costs of traveling! This event will allow teams to compete from the comforts of their home dropzone. Complete the event and be scored by Nationally rated judges. The event will utilize the current USPA Nationals rules. The jump platform will be your DZs aircraft following guidelines for jumprun speeds set in the USPA Comp Manual. This is not a USPA sanctioned event.


Save the date! This ground breaking event will be on June 11th-13th at your home dz.

Given the constraints of a remote Nationals we are able to offer the following events:
4-Way VFS Open
4-Way VFS Advanced
4-Way VFS Intermediate
2-Way MFS Open
2-Way MFS Advanced
2-Way MFS Intermediate
4-Way FS Open
4-Way FS Advanced
4-Way FS Intermediate
4-Way FS Beginner (new!)
8-Way FS Open
8-Way FS Advanced
8-Way FS Intermediate
10-Way Speed

Grab your team! Grab your friends! Pick-up teams are encouraged. Let’s rally our community and emerge successful amongst the hardships of 2020-2021.
How does it work?
We recognize many people do not want to travel during these uncertain times, but people still have a desire to compete. Through our partnerships and network we have created a system to facility teams in their desire to compete. Our efforts are to create a nationals style setting while remaining at their home dz.
Participating DZs will dedicate a meet director to ensure teams compete according to the competition rules. Teams upon completion of each round will upload their videos to be scored. Re-jumps and weather concerns will be addressed as a collaborative effort between the host DZ Meet Director and the Chief Meet Director at Skydive Chicago with safety being the #1 priority.
We encourage you to help spread the word to get DZs and teams to participate. Please share this to all your social channels.
Meet Director qualifications:
  • Responsible person of integrity on the ground at your dz during the competition (should not be a competitor)
  • DZ S&TA, DZ Manager, experienced competitor, or other knowledgable individual would be good examples
  • Able to attend zoom competition/rules briefing Friday evening before the competition
  • Must communicate with and be approved by SDC Chief Meet Director by Tuesday, 6/8
If you would like to compete please email events@skydivechicago.com to get your dropzone signed up as an event co-host!
Website and registration now open!

The event is finished.


Jun 11 - 13 2021


All Day


Your Local DZ


Skydive Chicago