SANS World Record Attempts 2024

Come celebrate National Nude Day 2024 with SANS World Record attempts! For our 3rd year of the event we will be working to break our 2023 record of 26 SANS Skydivers (so many butts).
When: July 11-14 2024
Where: Skydive Chicago
Cost: $75 event registration fee,
Requirements: 200 jump minimum and AAD.

Additional experience: Bigway belly formation and naked jump experience preferred, but not required.
Registration: Apply at the link below.

Payment: Link for payment will be sent via email for accepted applications.
Jumping info: The first two days of the event will be broken into small to mid-sized groups for training jumps. These will focus on safety and skill building before moving on to larger formations, as well as to determine each participant’s best location in the formation. Since our tools for fall rate are greatly reduced in SANS flying, it is very important that we work out fall rates and where people will be able to fly their strongest. Record attempts will begin Saturday morning and go through 4:00pm on Sunday. Registration for the event does not guarantee a slot in record attempts! Decisions will be made by organizers based on skill/safety. There will be an additional organizer this year to continue skill building jumps with those that are not on a record attempt, with the goal of including as many people as possible by the end of the event.
You must plan to be present and jumping for all 4 days. Exceptions to participating in all planned jumps will be considered on a case by case basis – please contact Amber to discuss.
Detailed money stuff: Thursday and Friday warm-ups will be regular altitude, 13.5k, at $33 (Otter) or $35 (Skyvan) per jump with 5 jumps planned per day. Saturday and Sunday record attempts will be $40.50 per jump to 14.5k with 4 jumps planned per day. The higher price for the attempts is due to the increased cost of running formation loads, utilizing specialty aircraft, and fuel for extra altitude. Any jumps not completed due to weather, injury, or other unforseen circumstances are fully refundable or can be left on account at SDC. Registration fee is non-refundable. Camping available on the dz for $20 per night.
Attire: SANS rules are that jumpers must be nude from neck to knee, and wrist to wrist. Socks and shoes are not only allowed, but highly encouraged – they can make a surprising amount of difference in your flying! Helmets, gloves, weight belts, and belly bands are all acceptable. Shorts will be required to be worn over rigs until close to altitude and when walking around the dz.
Check out out the facebook event for more information:
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Jul 11 - 14 2024


All Day


Skydive Chicago


Society for the Advancement of Naked Skydiving

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