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Remote work Redefined

Reflecting Skydiving: an extreme sport full of individuals defining their own path to happiness. Providing more than an adrenaline rush, the sport offers a variety of benefits, motivation, empowerment, character building, therapy for the mind, just to name a few. No matter the benefit a person receives, skydiving serves value to all while forcing us […]
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4-Way FS Rookie!

Skydiving Nationals 2.0, the first nationals remote skydiving competition, is shaking up the field by allowing athletes to jump at their home dropzone against people from across the country. Realizing this is a unique opportunity to get a large number of people interested in competition without the commitment of travel and time usually required to […]
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Skydiving Nationals 2.0

As most everybody knows, this year has not exactly been ideal, or what anyone predicted it would be like in January. This is true for all communities around the world, including our favorite community- Skydivers! One of the side effects of the pandemic includes USPA Nationals being canceled due to concerns from community members. This […]
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Tips For Your First Time Skydiving Experience

Trying just about anything for the first time can be nerve-wracking (hello first day of school, first date, first new job); your first time skydiving is no different. First time jumpers ask us all the time: what can I do to prepare for my first time skydiving and make the most of my experience? We’ve […]
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Top 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Skydive Chicago

Skydive Chicago’s original founder Roger Nelson was passionate about skydiving from the training techniques to equipment advancement, that he quickly became one of the sport’s pioneers in the early 1980s and on. His commitment to the sport led him to build one of the largest and most progressive skydiving resorts of its time called, Skydive […]
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5 Reasons to Try AFP Skydiving

Skydive Chicago does things a little different – we always have. We have made waves in the name of the progression of the sport, including how we train people. Grab a seat to discover the top 5 reasons to try AFP!
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Steps To Earn A Skydiving License

The dream of flight is real. From the sketches of Leonardo DiVincci flying contraptions, the Wright Brothers first flight, to the first moon walk. If your heart beats faster and your eyes grow wide with anticipation watching YouTube videos or following our Facebook page of skydiving, then you have the gene, the desire, the willingness […]
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How To Get Into Skydiving

Over the last year, you may have seen incredible images and epic videos on social media of some amazing skydives from our Summerfest event, Upright World Record, teams training, and more, right here at Skydive Chicago. Skydive Chicago is not only host to these incredible events that draw skydivers in from around the world, but […]
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