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Skydive Chicago and The Golden Knights: ‘Tandemed’ in Excellence

This past week, the Golden Knights descended upon Skydive Chicago for yet another residency of tandem skydiving. The U.S. Army’s Golden Knights occupy a unique role in the armed forces as one of three Department of Defense-sanctioned aerial demonstration teams, alongside the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. The Knights perform […]
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Rook Nelson on Rookiefest

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” – unknown  The walls of Skydive Chicago boast about the newly licensed skydivers, and the names of all graduates since the skydiving center’s inception in 1993 are recognized on a plaque. The halls of Skydive Chicago are full of world-class athletes – local, and from around the […]
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How Easy Is It To Learn to Skydive?

Maybe, dear reader, it has crossed your mind. Perhaps it did so when you were sitting idly at your work desk, clicking around some viral videos of wingsuiters high-fiving over a mountain somewhere. Maybe it was a feeling that gripped you as you checked out a friend’s grinning tandem skydiving video. Heck — you might […]
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Interview With Andi Masengarb

Andi Masengarb posted a positive review about her third tandem jump with Skydive Chicago at the end of June. She also mentioned that the tandem was a surprise birthday gift, and her girls were there to watch the skydive from start to finish.  We decided to reach out to her about the three tandem experiences […]
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The Rookiefest Experience

New solo skydiver? Curious about Rookiefest? Man, have we got the expert for you. Her name is Ellen Jones, and we absolutely love her. Ellen is a hometown superstar in our eyes! She got started skydiving right here at Skydive Chicago before moving to her current base in El Paso, Texas. It was a long […]
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How To Sustainably Summerfest Successfully

Summerfest is the epitome of epic. Beginning next Saturday, Skydive Chicago will be launching its annual celebration of everything that makes our sport so incredible: amazing jumps, nightly events, live music, and fantastic food. It’s the perfect opportunity to trade your desk chair for a rig and spend some time with your buddies in the […]
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How To Become a Skydiver in a Week

Are you looking for the most cost effective, time efficient way to become a licensed skydiver? At Skydive Chicago, we offer one of the most proved and innovative instructional skydiving programs in the nation: Accelerated Freefall Progression (or as we like to call it, AFP). Within the purview of our instructional skydiving program, we also […]
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Skydive Chicago’s June Newsletter

A Letter From Rook Nelson… I want to start a movement. Before you deflect, I want to preface this by saying that this call to action has nothing to do with tense political issues and is not intended to inspire pointless, petty arguments; after all, Skydive Chicago is a place people come for some relief […]
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